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ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review

The ROG Delta is a long awaited headset release that is set to be the alpha of gaming headsets. Its Quad-DAC brings ASMR to a whole new level as it not just designed for gaming, but also as your daily driver for all your devices. Learn more about the ROG’s newest masterpiece in this #B2G Review.

ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review - ROG Delta Review
ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review

ASUS’ expansion with the ROG Strix product line replaced different flagship products under the ROG brand. With PC components and keyboards and mice getting updates, the headset department is left behind without a replacement for the its ROG flagship. The ROG Strix Fusion series was recently added to the ROG headset line, but is geared towards specific niches which introduced new users to the brand. The ROG Centurion 7.1 Gaming Headset remained the brand’s ever popular flagship, that is, until the release of the ROG Delta Quad-DAC Gaming Headset.


The ROG Delta sports the exceptional ROG packaging with a clear glamour shot of the headset and it’s name printed on the front for a minimalistic look. Moving to the back is a brief highlight of the Delta’s features.

Upon opening the box you are greeted with welcome note that also contains a quick start guide and a warranty card. Aside from the headset itself, other contents include a detachable mic, a usb type-c(female) to type-a(male) cable, and velour earpad cushions.

The ROG Delta has a minimalistic mono chrome design with a triangular D shape earcup. The silver-black design hides the idea that it’s a gaming headset until the RGB lights are turned on.

There is an included usb-c to usb-a cable for systems without usb-c and it also extends your total cable length by 1 meter. The Delta is equipped with leather earcups by default with the option to change it to the included velour earcups. I prefer using the leather earcups as the sounds are sealed compared to the velour ones. The headset has rotating earcups for ergonomics as you can rest the headset around your neck when it’s not in use.

The headset has 5 levels of adjustment points to provide a better fit for gamers with larger heads. The flexible headset hinges help ensure that the Delta can be worn for a long time without experiencing fatigue.

The inner steel frame of the Delta makes it rigid. The clamping force is strong enough to make the headset stay inplace when worn but not that strong to the point where it’s uncomfortable to wear. The leather hides the steel frame with a republic of gamers branding on the top.

The only controls that are embedded on the headset are volume and headset toggle. A volume wheel could have been a better option over a toggle-type control for a more precise sound level steps.The top holes acts as a ventilation hole for bass enchancement and helps to keep your ears cool.


ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review - ROG Delta Review

The ROG Armoury software provides lots of customization features all the way from EQ settings to frequency. Sound optimization presets are included for you to select if you’re not into intensive tuning. I find theFPS preset having the best sound settings. There are also a number of microphone settings which we will get through later. 

Microphone Test

The ROG Delta uses a detachable, unidirectional boom microphone for voice communication. Here are sound recordings with different microphone settings via the ASUS Armoury Software.

Default – No Tweaks

Voice Clarity set at 50%

Perfect Voice set at 50%

Noise Gate set at 50%

All Settings(Voice Clarity, Perfect Voice, Noise Gate) set at 50%

The Delta’s mic is good out of the box with minimal noise pickups at a 100% mic volume level. Voice Clarity, Perfect Voice and Noise Gate are settings to help improve the mic’s overall sound quality without chaging your tune or pitch. Voice Clarity has the most noticeable impact between the three but a blend of all three settings will ensure better sound quality.

Conclusion & User Experience

ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review - ROG Delta Review

ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review

Performance. Despite not having a multiple drivers to generate true surround sound like the ones found in the Centurion, the Delta compensates with its ESS 9218 Quad-DAC. Its out of the box settings provide superb audio quality and excellent sound stage. Footsteps and gunshots are precise as I can easily locate my enemies in PUBG and CS:GO with accurate mouse flicks thanks to aforementioned sound stage. There is a clear separation between different sound elements with the ability to turn up the volume without sacrificing sound clarity. 

Build Quality.  The effort of providing ventilation holes for comfort, D-shaped leather and mesh earcups and a premium foam is best that you would get on a gaming headset. There’s less clamping for compared to other ROG headsets but is strong enough to not let you feel that it’s loose with all the explosions happening in game and head movement. Comfort wise,the D-shaped earcups assist in the overall ergonomic fit, but it’s not for everyone as it was too small for my ears as I experienced fatigued after an extensive 8hr gaming & kpop session.

Functionality.  The USB Type-C connectivity of the ROG Delta and the included C to A adapter allows it to be compatible with multiple platforms. The headset controls are a bit lackluster with only volume and RGB light toggles compared to controls found on its brother, the ROG Strix Fusion 700. Unlike the Centurion, you don’t need to tinker with the software to fully maximize the headset’s capability.

Bundle. You are not limited to gaming for its purpose as it can be your daily driver thanks to it’s ESS 9218 Quad-DAC. The ROG Armoury software provides flexibility to tune your headset for your preferred sound signature. Moreover, the AURA lighting also provides the ability to make the headset your very own via customizable RGB lighting.

Value.  This time, ROG focused on the Delta Gaming headset’s raw performance with the Quad-DAC rather than opting for different flashy and gimmicky features such as wireless, 7.1 surround drivers and including accessories. With an SRP of Php 12,700 the ROG Delta is without a doubt an upgrade to your high-end gaming headset, especially the dethroned, ROG Centurion. The audiophile grade Quad-DAC not just provides a truly immersive gaming experience with clarity and soundstage, but it also makes your whole listening experience more enjoyable whether it be music with different genres, action movies, or just watching a daily dose of your favorite youtuber/reporter or talkshow.

The ROG Delta Quad-DAC RGB Gaming Headset packs a premium 2 year warranty. We give it our Performance Award!


ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headset Review - ROG Delta Review

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