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Must-Have Learning Apps for Your Smartphone

Smartphones are not only means of communication but help in education: with a variety of mobile apps, you can significantly improve your grades.

Must-Have Learning Apps for Your Smartphone -

Today you will have to try hard to find a person who doesn’t use a smartphone: smartphones are so deeply integrated into our everyday life that we feel handless once we need to spend a few hours away from it. Especially valuable they are for young people: teenagers, school seniors, and college students who use it to communicate with their friends, play games and (what is more important) study. For example, there are many online services where you can send a request, «Please, do my homework» and receive quick and efficient help: it simplifies college tough and stressful life a lot.

With the rise of smartphones, you can also see the variety of mobile apps appearing on the market every day. There is actually no industry where mobile apps have not revolutionized yet, and education is no exception. With its help, students receive an opportunity to study in a more interesting and efficient way, thus becoming engaged in the process. Besides, many such apps offer quick help in solving complex tasks or writing essays, which sometimes really saves from getting a bad score. You can find such services both on the web by requesting, «I want to pay someone to do my essay for me» and downloading a mobile app, which is more convenient as you can do everything on the go.

Top most useful apps for your education

Students spent no longer need to spend hours in the library trying to find something relevant for their project: now you need just a few minutes to complete the task. Educational mobile apps are good for many reasons: students receive extra help in college; employees get the necessary knowledge and training anytime and anywhere, while teachers can now improve the learning experiences and make the studying process more effective. With a smartphone, you have unlimited access to different eBooks, videos, courses, tutorials, helpers, and all of them are at your fingertips.

With the increasing demand for mobile educational apps, development companies make good money on creating specific solutions to meet users` needs. Did you know that:

  • Mobile learning provides performance support, materials, training, and high completion rated that can engage the Millennials?
  • Mobile learning has already grown to over $5 billion industry and is planned to reach $12 billion in the next few years?
  • Mobile learning tools are more efficiently used while traveling, while 70% of people use them before going to bed?
  • By 2025 over 80% of professionals will manage their work using personal smartphones?

As you can see, the potential of apps is not only hype but real help with many things. It makes students more excited about learning, thus becoming more motivated and productive. If you are a student too, you will definitely benefit from these apps for your smartphone:

  1. Khan Academy

This app basically can be used by everyone, but in fact, it is more targeted at employees who want to improve their level by furthering their studies. It helps you to recall information on different topics that you learned some time ago (high school, college) on a number of disciplines. With over 4K educational videos you will refresh your memory on the areas that slipped your mind and can keep your progress and achievements;

  1. Evernote

This universal app should be installed on everyone’s smartphone as it is useful not only for studies but in everyday life as well. With its help, you can take notes on the go and share them between different devices using synchronization. As a student, you will benefit from convenient to-do lists, craft notes, picture and recorded notes transformed into the text;

  1. TED

The app is free and full of different interesting videos on a variety of topics. You can listen to podcasts of passionate people about education, music, science, tech, and business and maybe come up with your own. This platform is rather a library of great ideas than actual help, but it is still worth paying attention to;

  1. Duolingo

One of the most recognized and popular apps, this one will help you learn a foreign language in an interesting and funny way. Of course, you can choose from a number of other apps offering similar service, but here you can enjoy learning more than one language at the same time with interactive lessons, daily challenges, motivation, and team-learning;

  1. Star Walk

If one of the subjects you need to master is astronomy, this app will be your best match. It works as a beautiful guide that is easy to use anytime, regardless of Internet connection. The platform provides real-time accurate information and pictures about over 200K stars, satellites, and planets for a small fee of $3 per month. For this price, you can also use the calendar of events, track satellites and search in the star database;

  1. Brainscape

The app states that you can speed up your learning by using flashcards. It works like this: you rate how you know each subject, and the app determines which quiz to give you and how often to repeat. You can find free flashcards or create yours while also using such features as bookmarks, browsing and reversing cards;

  1. Photomath

If you are studying engineering or major in other fields that require good calculations and perfect Math grades, this app should become your buddy. It can immediately solve most complex tasks and give an answer to any question: everything you have to do is to send a picture of the question or type the task, and the app will provide you with the right solution step-by-step. Thus, you will not only receive the required answer but learn how it was achieved. The app is free and works even without an Internet connection;

  1. edX

You don’t have to attend college to get higher education: now it is possible within one app. You can choose from a list of courses provided by different institutions like MIT and then receive a certificate of its completion. You will attend online lectures, complete tasks, and pass exams without worrying about the student loan.

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