ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710

No matter how much we try to safeguard our data from the tumbles of daily life, there is simply no 100% guarantee it’d be safe from knocks and bumps. So much more so for the active individual. Today we’ll be taking a look at ADATA’s installment in their DashDrive line of portable hard drives, this one specializing in high-risk and endurance applications, we’re talking about the DashDrive Durable HD710. We’ll check out more than drive performance for this review and you guys know how we do it, read on and see how we torture the ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710. Let’s make this extremely showy!


ADATA is company known for rolling out memory and storage products like RAM and flash drives and have recently also added SSDs in their port folios. Another mainstay in their product lineup are their DashDrive series of portable hard drives which ranged from highly portable variants like the DashDrive Elite and today’s review subject, the DashDrive Durable. The HD710 is a mil-spec shock-proof and water-resistant portable hard drive which sees a regular 2.5″ hard drive get suspended inside a sturdy, rubber-enforced case. As we’ve mentioned before, we’ll check out more than just the drive performance of this USB3.0 drive. We’ll see if it lives up to its military testing certification. Read on.

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