ADATA S102 Pro USB3.0 Flash Drive

USB3.0 is now the modern standard for connectivity in our devices especially storage and other high bandwidth applications and many companies are making it a point to highlight the fact that their products are USB3.0 capable. Amongst these companies is ADATA, one of the top memory solutions provider in the globe and they’ve sent us their S102 Pro USB3.0 flash drive for review. Let’s make this showy!

ADATA is young yet well known company in the storage media sector with a large assortment of storage related products. These include memories, flash drives, SSDs and such and have been quite successful over the years. As a prime contender in this space, ADATA is sure to bring in modern features to their products and such is the case with the S102 Pro we have for today which rides on the USB3.0 fast lane. ADATA highlights the S102 Pro line as their value contender and prides its distinct metallic body. Let’s let the numbers do the talking for ADATA but first some specs and images before we get grinding. We have the 32GB top-end model for the S102 line which as seen below is rated for 100/50MB read/write performance.

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