Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Liquid Cooler

Closed-loop liquid coolers have been making their way to a lot of enthusiasts’ PCs lately and the adoption rate is steadily increasing as more and more manufacturers inject their own offerings to the market. One of those companies that helped push this trend forward was Antec with their Kühler H2O line of closed-loop liquid cooling solutions. Today we’ll be looking at the entry-level model in the Kühler H2O series: the Kühler H2O 620. With a price tag that’s just a bit shy of high-end air-coolers, can the Kühler H2O 620 prove itself a viable alternative to aftermarket heatsinks? Let’s check it and let’s make this showy!

We have another Antec product in our lab, this time around we’re checking their CPU cooling solution, specifically a closed-loop liquid cooler. So what’s the big deal between these liquid coolers? Well, opinions vary. Liquid cooling enthusiasts abhor being lumped together with these solutions as they are not true liquid cooling. Heatsink fanatics on the other hand do not agree with the price premium on these solutions. That said, closed-loop liquid coolers still have their own following and seeing the positive reception this type of product has received, many companies have followed suit and have started introducing their own variations of these coolers which for the most part are predominantly made by two competing companies: Asetek and CoolIt. The majority of the currently available solutions are based on Asetek’s design including Antec’s and Intel’s own version which we will pit head to head with Antec’s model. Let’s see some specs and images before we move on to testing.

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