ASUS ROG Matrix HD7970 Platinum

With no new releases this year for graphics card, a lot of us are stuck with the old lineup but of course manufacturers just won’t stick with the same recipe for their products. ASUS has come out with their flagship HD7970 models for the Republic of Gamers line to spice up the competition and these products are specifically designed and tailored for demanding gamers and gear junkies. We have the ASUS ROG HD7970 Matrix Platinum in the labs and we’re going to check out just how ASUS intends to set this card apart from the rest of the HD7970 pack. Let’s make this showy!

ASUS has always reserved their highest tier models for their prestigious Republic of Gamers line, the ASUS ROG Matrix HD7970 being no exception. With a stringent binning process which cultivates top of the line GPUs, ASUS wants to deliver the best possible product by integrating also their choice components in the mix.

About the ASUS HD7970 Matrix

ASUS offers two variants of the Matrix HD7970: the vanilla Matrix and the Matrix Platinum. We will be checking out the Platinum variant for this review. The HD7970 Matrix is based off the AMD HD7970 Ghz Edition which comes with factory clocks of 1050Mhz and 1500Mhz for the core and memory respectively. The HD7970 Matrix Platinum comes factory overclocked at 1100Mhz at the core and 1650Mhz for the memory. What really sets the ASUS HD7970 Matrix apart is ASUS choice components which is intended for intensive use scenarios.

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