6 Games that Kids Can Play Without Parent’s Supervision

Video games are a popular source of entertainment for people of all ages. Today, we have so many options to play video games. Consoles, Handheld devices, PCs, Mobiles, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, are ready to take us to a world of adventure and thrill.

In the midst of this excitement, there are clear safety concerns. No digital entity of the world is safe from a vast array of cyber threats. Then there are games that are inappropriate for kids in terms of language, visuals, or age. Parents must be very cautious and not allow such games on any device, a job that requires a constant check.

Not all video games are equal. A Quora user quoted the number 1181019, and it is still missing the flurry of games being launched every day. Good games help in mapping individual neurons in the brain and help cope with conditions like Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is only a matter of precaution, and you are good to go.

Here are some games that your kids can play, and you don’t have to worry about hovering over their heads every five minutes.

  1. Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario is probably the safest kids’ game ever made. Each level of this game is safe, secure, and interactive. It’s a game even parents love playing with kids. Everything about this game is built for multiplayer play.

Super Mario is available on Nintendo Wii, which you can connect to a big screen at home. While minimal supervision is required when your child is playing this game, the game gets a little addictive. With a healthy balance of time, it is ideal for kids and adults of all ages. The age rating is 6+ years.

  1. Touchdown Pro

Soccer lovers, unite! This game is for soccer fans of all ages. It is entertaining, engaging, and fun. Touchdown Pro is just like watching a game with your dad.

Touchdown Pro is more challenging because all players on the field are trying to tackle you. As you manoeuvre around the pitch looking for a touchdown, you can create a unique record. The game works on the Unlimited Gamez mo website, smartphone, or tablet after you buy the subscription. Overall, the game poses no harm if the kids play it without supervision. The age rating is 5+ years.

  1. Rayman Legends

Platform games have their thrill, especially when they are made like Rayman Legends. The game is a successor of Rayman Origins, which had a vast fanbase. Rayman also won platformer of the year award and accolades for illustration and music.

The game is adventure, thrill, and mystery packed in one package. The best thing is a four-player co-op so your kids can play with you or invite friends over. Rayman Legends by Ubisoft is downloadable on Xbox 360, PlayStation, Wii, and PC. The age rating is for kids of 10+ years.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for children. It is a sandbox game that looks pretty harmless to give to your kids, but you must be careful. Most countries determine the age rating of Minecraft for around 7-10+ years. While most of its levels are safe and suitable for kids, it is the remote multiplayer option that may cause trouble.

Remote multiplayer hosts the game on a public server is different because cyberbullies are at large. 64% of kids have played a multiplayer game, and 17% experienced online bullying. Make sure your kids stick to the local multiplayer, and you can play with them to make it more fun.

Malware, cyber threats, and bullying are some issues associated with this game as well. So, we recommend that you introduce only the single-player level to your kids.

Minecraft single player is also used in many schools around the world because this game boosts creativity and problem-solving skills. You can download the game on Android, java, PlayStation, and PC.

  1. Overcooked

This game is chaotic, highly interactive, and so thrilling. Overcooked by Ghost Town Games makes it impossible not to have fun, and kids will love this game. You can work as a team of chefs and serve dishes before the customers start queuing up to receive their orders.

Overcooked is also a proud winner of the BAFTA Award for the best games for the family, best social game, and best British Game. You can download it on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. The age rating is 6+ years.

  1. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad is a puzzle game, and kids love solving puzzles. It can help kids develop their problem-solving skills. You and your child can team up to solve the problems together. Super Mario fans can tell that this is a spin-off of the cute toad figure from the main game.

The Toad Brigade Captain first made its debut in Super Mario Galaxy. Now he has his own game, which is not like Super Mario, but more like an adventurous puzzle. There are no language, visual, or cyber safety threats in this fun little game. You can find Captain Toad on Nintendo. The age rating is 5+ years.

Last word

We picked out the best games for kids, and now it is over to you to chart out timings. Make sure that even if it is a safe game, it does not disrupt your child’s social and educational life. After all, games can get us addicted. There is a three M rule when it comes to games:

  1. Make time to see what the child is playing
  2. Monitor their downloads and activity
  3. Moderate the time they spend on playing

We also suggest that you browse the rating guide of all games before downloading. Happy Gaming!

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