What are the Best Horror Games of 2017?

With the gaming industry constantly striving to bring us new and exciting ways in which to enjoy more realistic, more interactive and even more immersive gaming experiences, there are a variety of genres that seem most suited for these more authentic gaming pursuits.

And one such genre that is always keen to push boundaries in the industry and one that when the pitch is right the entire experience is all that more terrifying.

Horror is the perfect gaming fodder to enjoy, especially when the lights are down and the on-screen action is tense and thrilling. Here is our rundown of the best horror games for 2017.


It’s been 21 years since ‘Resident Evil’ hit consoles and helped put the survival horror genre on the gaming map. Now more than two decades later the franchise is still going strong and more importantly still managing to send a shiver or two down a player’s spine.

‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ arrived at the beginning of the year managing to appease the vast majority of franchise fans as well as critics.

Even though there was some criticism with the decision to switch to first-person perspective for the first time in the series it’s certainly a worthy entry filled with plenty of high tension as well as unexpected jumps and scares along the way.


The world of gaming has changed dramatically over the past few years and thanks to the evolution of the mobile gaming market especially we’ve seen a drastic shift in how games are both developed and marketed.

This has been great news for independent developers and the players such games are targeting and thanks to crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter games like Dreadlocks Ltd’s first-person adventure horror ‘Ghost Theory’ we can now get excited by the prospect of forthcoming innovative horror games.  

‘Ghost Theory’, which claims to be a serious take on paranormal research, is fully funded and will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and the Xbox One later this year.

The game will feature a host of recognisable ghost hunting equipment and it’ll be up to the player to solve the game objectives to help provoke a ghostly appearance.


With popular slot games like Immortal Romance, which you can enjoy if you click here, the horror-based themes are very simplistic and effective. Yet when it comes to telling a more complex story and shocking players on a more emotional level then there is a great selection of games out there for you.

Anticipated horror sequel ‘Outlast 2’ arrived back in April bringing with it more chilling atmospherics and an almost unending and relentless spree of fear. It’s a game that certainly lends itself to more than just your typical survival horror effort filled with tropes and clichés.

There is much more of a psychological horror involved and it’s a game that draws you in to its unsettling world and one that lives with you long after you finish playing.

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