Bloodborne (PS4) Review

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Platform: Exclusive to Sony Playstation 4
Price: $59.99 – Bloodborne on Amazon

Many of our peers here mostly know From Software for their mecha offerings namely the Armored Core series but the company has recently found success in their Souls series of games which take players presents them a scenario without holding their hand, leading to some of the most challenging game scenarios to date all of which resulting in countless deaths and retries from gamers wanting to progress through the game.

This 2015, From Software proudly presents Bloodborne and the game is expected to live up to its Souls brethrens’ legacy of a unique and challenging game experience. Let’s take a closer look at Bloodborne for PS4.

You’re on your own

Bloodborne takes players to the gothic town of Yharnam and that’s all the introduction you’ll get. Bits and pieces of the plot will be dropped via interaction with other players but for the most part of Bloodborne, you’ll be left by yourself to figure out the game and its sprawling setting.

Hey there, bro

You’ll be matched up mostly against were-beasts, mad townsfolks, and transforming peasants as you piece together what is going on in this plague-infested town. Besides those, you’ll also get to fight ridiculously large boars, flightless ravens and a lot more creatures that can would take as much words to describe as it would be the amount of times you end up getting killed by them.

Your character in Bloodborne is aided by two weapons: a firearm and a melee weapon, one on each hand. Melee weapons are referred to as Trick Weapons and they can change forms changing the properties of that weapon allowing for varied approaches to combat and encouraging the player to master each weapon’s advantages and drawbacks.

As for the firearms, they aren’t your typical video game sidearm and won’t really do much damage nor gain it as you progress. In Bloodborne, guns are utilized to setup enemies for visceral attacks: counter-attacks that will deal massive damage with proper execution. Timed-correctly and pulled off at the right time, this attacks can be really rewarding.

A visual feast

Bloodborne is exclusively available for the Playstation 4 and that makes it easy for the developers to focus their resources in optimizing the game and Bloodborne is a visually stunning experience which sits right at home in the PS4. The environments are well-detailed and frames are very consistent. While the subject of visual fidelity on consoles will always be a heated subject, Bloodborne puts up a good argument and its in-game visuals are a sight to behold.

Welcoming committee spotted…

While our character may just be a figure dripping in blood for most of the game, one can really appreciate the details that went through the character design for the rest of the cast of Bloodborne. The creatures are well-detailed and move realistically while the more memorable bosses of the game feature intricate designs leading to some really memorable battles as their settings also add to the overall visual spectacle of the game.

Streamlined Combat

Bloodborne’s combat system is quite easy to grasp and there aren’t that many details to keep in mind to complicate things. There are a few stats to look at and a small inventory to manage. Combat is pretty much studying how to effectively dispatch enemies with minimal damage as your character doesn’t wear armor nor is there a weight restriction as your inventory grows. You will always have your bouncy character springing along as long as your stamina bar is plenty.

First blood.

And this is what makes Bloodborne very easy to grasp: combat is streamlined to focus on strategy rather than hack-and-slash and the few consumables make it easy to formulate straightforward approaches to combat. Status ailments in this game I’m still figuring out the status ailments in this game like Frenzy which I can’t really figure out what it is.


Without referencing much from its lineage, Bloodborne is a fresh game by itself and leads us back to the times that games were presented as is without much helping hand by the developers. The game’s combat is easy to grasp and while that may be a hard statement to accept for those who’ve already played the game, the difficulty is at which you execute the moves and the limit that the stamina bar imposes that brings the difficulty curve upwards.

This lack of tutorial and guide maps encourages exploration while attention to combat and move conservation are the benefits of a studying enemy movements and patience. This goes against the trend of which games are presented nowadays and that modern day games mentality is what makes Bloodborne such a difficult title for many players. For those that can get past the initial barrier though, Bloodborne is a rewarding gaming experience… which is best enjoyed on its first offering.


Bloodborne while engaging, doesn’t offer much in terms of replay value and a single course through the game is enough to exhaust even the most patient of gamers. Those who want a challenge might give it another run or two to practice their skills but ultimately, the game even with its Chalice Dungeons: randomly generated dungeons to scour through which can be shared with other players, do not offer much to keep some players coming back for more. New game+ modes allow you to traverse back with a bit more spice to your game but the game already makes you travel back and forth so much during one playthrough, you’d end up memorizing the whole map immediately leaving everything after a speedrun in comparison.

For fans of From Software’s Souls series, Bloodborne should be a nice addition to your list of accomplishments but for PS4 owners just looking for another title to add to their library, Bloodborne is an easy game to give up on and if you’re not up to the challenge, consider other options. You have been warned.

Bloodborne is available exclusively on the Playstation 4.

Price / Where to Buy:

Platform: Exclusive to Sony Playstation 4
Price: $59.99 – Bloodborne on Amazon

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