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Get to Play Online Games Through Anagrammer


Are you a word game lover? Congratulations if you’re one. You don’t always have to stay bored while word games could brighten up your world. There are many word games you could play, but you may not know where to find them. Well, you’re lucky that Anagrammer has got you sorted. Anagrammer is an online platform with both games and tools that help in making your playing fun and much comfortable. There are several games on the platform that you could engage in to have fun. Let’s take a look at some of the best word games you could play on Anagrammers.


Scrabble is one of the best word games known today. However, many people know about the game, but only a few can play it correctly. The game involves getting most points by connecting words one board created by your opponents to your words. You can never play scrabble as a single party as you need at least one partner. Players will build words against each other’s words, and the one who gets the highest score gets to win the game. Anagrammer has made the game much more comfortable as you can even use the Scrabble Score Calculator to see the worth of the word you’re creating. This way, you always get to know how to beat other players. Scrabble is fun and enjoyable when playing with people who know the game, including the rules.

Words with friends

Words with friends is another popular game known by and played by most people around the globe. The game is much like scrabble; however, it differs in some ways. It is a game that has its own rules and guidelines on how to play it. Unlike scramble that you can play for an hour and be done and start again, words with friends is a bit different. You get to play it against your friend until one gets to win. Winning the game nowadays has been made more comfortable, especially when using Anagrammer as you can use words with friends to cheat to outdo others in coming up with the highest scoring words. You can always download the game to play it on your phone whenever you feel like it.


Lexelous is another game you could play online on Anagrammer. The game is more likely of a scrabble on that it comes with eight tiles. It is a fun crossword game you can play whenever you feel like you need to explore the world. The good thing with playing Lexolous on the Anagrammer platform is also that you can know your word worth value through the Scrabble Score Calculator. Playing Lexelous helps you meet new friends, especially when playing the game online. You can play this game with people from all around the globe. If you happen to have good players you’re playing with, you could make better friends that could even help in opening up opportunities for you.

Bottom line

Playing online games is fun, especially when using the right platform. While all the word Games mentioned above may seem to get harder with each new level, you don’t have to put in many efforts. These word games are for fun and could help you in finding even new words you didn’t know.

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