Legend Of Tell (iOS) Review

The Legend of Tell is a 3D sidescroller action game for the iOS. It is based on the story of William Tell, the famous archer. The Legend of Tell pits you as William Tell himself as he goes on a journey that narrates and shows how his legend grew to what it is today. Standing in his way are the soldiers led by his arch nemesis, Hermann Gessler and the harsh mistress that is mother nature. Come and read how the legend is born here.


  • Size: 151 MB
  • Language: English
  • Latest Version: 3.0
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6 or later. Optimized for iPhone 5.
  • Rated 9+ for Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence.

Graphics and Visuals


The Legend of Tell has awesome visuals for a sidescroller. The levels are well designed, with them being designed using a mix of a flat, 2D background that correlates well with the 3D environment. These provide the player with a great stage to play and do his thing while giving them a bit of a taste of the medieval Swiss Culture.

One thing though that really bugs me is the change to a nighttime stage, because the levels are great during the day. When the sun sets, however, I really find it hard to see certain power-ups like the cheese and especially the chocolate because its almost as dark as the levels itself.



Refreshing, exciting, superb and very Swiss are the things that come to mind when listening to the soundtrack of The Legend of Tell. Excitement begin to course through your veins whenever you hear the menu theme of this game. When I first heard this, it really got me going and wanted to play the game instantly. I mean, who could relax when the theme just you up for a track meet, right? The game then sets you with a change of pace to a more refreshing and relaxing piece that settles you down from your euphoria and puts you in state of mind to understand the story as well as the instructions more. Combine those tracks with the others that are included here, and you have a superb, Swiss styled track that brings out the best of this game.

Game Mechanics


The Legend of Tell has some pretty simple gameplay that is surprisingly hard to master. The goal is to reach the end of each level while dodging obstacles and striking down the fear of a jacked up mountain farmer down the heart of the Reeves. Also included in every level are flowers known as Edelweiss that players have to find and collect in order to unlock certain levels. Each level also houses each own hidden apple. The hidden apple is aptly named because sometimes is so easy to find, and sometimes its hard to find either because of the design of the level, or just hiding in plain sight.

Its isn’t a William Tell game without the arrow shooting, and The Legend of Tell brought that in spades. Unfortunately though, its a bit of a pain to aim the thing, as you have to hold down the crossbow button down and have William Tell aim it in the direction in which you want to shoot the arrow. Sometimes, even if you did those steps properly, the arrow would fire. Good thing though some enemies are easy to hit because they stand still, the real challenge here is hitting something as small as an apple perched upon a boy’s head (that sound sooo familiar) . It also does not help that the amount of ammo that you have per level is limited, so you have to aim as well as learn to conserve your arrows, where if you get triggerhappy and go bombs away with your arrows, then you’re gonna have a hard time.



Overall, The Legend of Tell is a great sidescroller with challenges and fun abound. Great visuals combined with superb Swiss sound and above-average game mechanics equals a game that can be enjoyed by young and and the young at heart. Despite having such short levels, it gives player enough of a challenge to not get bored and even wanting more! It also give a great new look into who William Tell is and his journey to become the best and greatest hero of Switzerland. Highly recommended.

Download the game for iOS at the App Store:

Legend of Tell App Store Page

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