Future of Smartphones

Smartphones have found their way into to pockets across the world. So many people have some kind of smartphone now and that number is only going to increase. One of the key things that is going to continue to improve is security. This is because when people play a game or enter their details on an app they rely on a company to ensure the security of that information. Online casinos like LadyLucks state their brand and reputation on allowing risk free gaming from things like fraud and hacking and provide a great sign up bonus to make people feel welcome. More companies are likely to follow suit when it comes to their digital security. Looking further into to the future though, what can we expect from the future of smartphones.


Streaming is a big deal. Smartphone streaming is still in its infancy compared to the most established PC or video game console streaming. This is all going to change as technology continues to improve. We are also likely going to see increased options for interactivity with streamers and be able to have a larger impact on what we watching. One thing is for sure though, smartphones have a happy future when it comes to streaming


VR (virtual reality) is a tricky one. It hasn’t had a hugely successful release. The console and PC iterations have seen some success but there just aren’t the games to back them up yet. This could likely change but only time will tell. In terms of smartphones though, it should be able to achieve far more success. The cost of having a smartphone headset is substantially less than the likes of an Oculus Rift. It can be used for not only playing games but also watching TV like it’s more expensive brethren. Granted it has fewer capabilities but technology is advancing at a staggering pace that the gap is always shortening. Lots of games and entertainment are embracing VR. It won’t be long before you can play your favourite games on a VR headset and it is an entirely normal thing.


Pokemon Go showed us last year that AR (augmented reality) could be a success. The game swept the world and millions of people got involved. This is thanks to the enormous number of people who own a smartphone and a nostalgia product in Pokemon. AR is going to keep improving and we are likely to see other games that use it like Pokemon Go as well as other we haven’t thought of yet. It is also likely that we’ll see it used in other areas such as cameras, TV and other exciting things. AR is only just making its first steps into the world and we are excited to welcome it.

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