Titan Quest Review (iOS)

As I said in my last game reviewed for the iOS, there are tons of game on the App Store, while most people dabble in “Free” games category, I personally like and watch the “Paid” or “Pay Once, Play Forever” section of the store and last May 19th, 2016 I have seen the arrival of Nordic Games’ iOS port of Titan Quest. For those unfamiliar, Titan Quest is an action role playing hack and slash video game released on June 26, 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment and published by the now defunct THQ, Nordic Games acquired the IP last 2013 and have been in charge of the supporting and patching the Steam version ever since.

The game is divided into acts and doesn’t shy in giving you and your created character in putting you in the midst of the actions as you are asked to help in fighting of mythological creatures (from Hags, Satyrs, Crows, really bad pigs, etc). After which you are asked to help in supporting the fictional order of Prometheus in restoring balance to the world and to fight against several “Telkines”, the games version of bosses and to ultimately arrive at Mount Olympus to face the Titan Typhon.

Character creation at its basics, well, it was made last 2006.

The game lets you create your character but as enticing as it may seem, it is very limited with only the choice of gender and tunic color. Granted that the game was made in 2006, I do feel that it is completely limited. However “building” your character is a definite enjoyment for those who enjoy RPGs as the game has 9 skill masteries to choose from (the games version of classes) and after choosing mastery, you are then shown the skills available to that mastery and while leveling does take a while, it feels extremely rewarding when you get to unlock skills like when I unlocked that heal and that wolf pet.














The gameplay isn’t perfect as while it does satisfy me in having a good game to play on-the-go on my iPhone, I still do feel awkward using the touch-screen for RPGs (I guess I’d need to buy a bluetooth controller then), sometimes I would have a hard time using a skill as some skills, especially if you want to be precise, require you to hold and drag button to make it work, on the flip side however, it does help me conserve mana by letting me pick who needed the heal. You are also allowed to equip two weapon sets, so you could equip a sword and shield and a bow at the same which is a must for people who like to play different playstyles or engaging from a far then waiting for the enemies to get close for the killing blow. I was disapointed however by the lack of the multiplayer support, no word yet on whether they will be implementing that in the future. The graphics and the sounds of the game are really good as well and even though there are games that really has better graphics thanthis game, rarely do they games allow you “play” the game instead of focusing on just sequences.



Overall, Titan Quest for the iOS is a sigh of relief for the games currently available on the App Store that are plagued by shallow and repetitive casual time-gated games, it offers a vast amount of play time (+/- 60 hours!), a good character building progression system and above average gameplay, while having some little drawbacks in the optimization department and the lack of the expansion content or multiplayer option.