Path of Exile: Heist – Details and First Impressions

The much-anticipated Path of Exile: Heist expansion was launched on PC just a few days ago, and fans have already experienced tons of exciting gameplay. If you’re on PS4 and Xbox One, then you’ll have to wait until September 23 to get playing, but until then, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Let’s take a look.

What is Heist All About?

Why should you grow your own loot when you can steal someone else’s? This is the essence of the Heist expansion. In this expansion, you travel to Rogue Harbour where you plan heists to gain valuable artifacts and re-appropriate equipment for other uses.

Rogue Harbour essentially acts as your base, where you plan more and more elaborate heists and grow your loot. You will meet 13 different rogues on your journey through Rogue Harbor, each with different skills and expertise. Some rogues excel at planning heists and others are great on the ground, bringing skills such as lockpicking and demolition. You can even provide the rogues with better equipment so they become stronger and ultimately better at helping you complete your objectives.

Heist Markers and Contracts

Heist Markers are essentially another form of currency in Path of Exile Heist. If you’ve been playing PoE for a while, then you’re probably already familiar with the various PoE currency systems like Path of Exile Exalted Orbs and how they impact the game. Heist Markers create a portal to the Rogue Harbour and can be used as currency for services in the Rogue Harbour.

Contracts are objectives that will have a Heist target. You can find markers and contracts out in the world by killing monsters and throughout leveling and the end game. You can also earn them through heists themselves. Contracts, like end game maps, can be altered with modifiers to make them higher risk and higher reward. Contact maps can be accessed before the endgame, unlike maps, which is great for lower level players and is something players have been asking for for a while now.

Buggy and Messy?

Okay so if you’ve followed any of the news following the launch of the expansion, then you’ve probably heard it’s a buggy mess. But is this true? Yes, but it’s not all bad news.

Path of Exile Heist is one of the bigger and more ambitious league expansions we’ve had in a long time, and ambitious projects often have their fair share of problems. The problems started before launch, with many players taking the option to pre-download the game but found that they were getting errors. Players have identified several other bugs at launch, including:

  • Player collision in the rogue harbor means that sometimes the stash is blocked.
  • Rogues sometimes won’t open doors or just get stuck in combat.
  • Some players have crashed out of heists and lost their loot.
  • Visual bug – alert level not filling up and the lockdown would just start seemingly whenever it felt like.

Separate to bugs, players have also highlighted some ways in which the game can be improved. For example, door opening animations seem a little on the slow side and could benefit from being sped up. Of course, this isn’t a huge thing, but it impacts immersion and playability still. Additionally, some players have called into question the alert system. Essentially, when you kill monsters, you gain alert, and often a lot of it. This results in players not killing monsters but just kiting them around while they loot chests since this is the most efficient way of playing. It might be efficient, but is it good gameplay in an action RPG? No, probably not. In an action RPG, you shouldn’t be trying to avoid the action, but that seems to be what the game wants you to do.

The bugs aren’t too worrying at this point. Grinding Gear Games are aware of the bugs and are working to fix them, and have a good reputation at fixing bugs promptly. In terms of how the expansion is being received generally, players seem to love it. Heist seems a lot more coop friendly than other leagues we’ve had in the past, allowing for more fun and exciting gameplay. For example, each party member gets an artifact and earns points from heists. If one person dies, then the other can get their loot and escape. You can also carefully time opening chests and doors together to execute some clever strategies. All things considered, Heist looks like a great addition to the game.

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