The Biggest Games Turning 10 This Year

2010 was a great year for the video game industry, with hundreds of games released to entertain the growing market of gamers. While most of the titles released that year were unique, they impacted the market differently and recording different figures in revenue. Here the top five games turning ten in 2020.

Bayonetta – 5th January

As one of the games released to celebrate the start of a new decade, Bayonetta changed the way people look at action games forever. For director Hideki Kamiya, it was the second time he led a team that helped shape the genre, after having the strong foundation of his last work, Devil May Cry. 

Bayonetta’s greatest success was in allowing players to turn their defense into an offense through an ability known as Witch Time. Coupled with the cinematic and flamboyant torture attacks, it gives the players an incredibly thrilling combat experience.

At the hands of experienced players, Bayonetta dances around gothic environments while spraying enemies with bullets and launching demonic entities. The game came to life at a time when very few action games were as good and fewer were as satisfying to play.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops – 9th November

Since the first release of the franchise game, Call of Duty has grown into one of the biggest video games of the century. The game has always created the best multiplayer maps in the market, making it among the most popular title in the Betway gaming offering, alongside titles like Fortnite and League of Legend. 

While this title may not have been very popular with Betway punters in 2010, it introduced some great concepts into the gaming world. It featured a currency system that could be used to gamble in game modes like Sticks, Stones and Gun Game.

Red Dead Redemption – 18th May

A decade later, red Dead Redemption still commands a significant number of fans who regularly play the game. The game delivers an open-world western fantasy and the players have a great sense of freedom. However, it’s quite hard not to root for John Marton despite his obvious blunders and violent past, given that the deck is stacked against his success in every step of the way. As a result, Red Dead Redemption remains a personal favorite for many.

Mass Effect 2 – 26th January

The acclaimed sci-fi trilogy from BioWare features incredibly powerful openings that hook you from the start. It introduces the best video game romance of the decade and it’s not very different from the first game. However, this game brings you an action-oriented experience and the replay is more refreshing than its predecessor. Even better, the game is easy and satisfying to play, making it hard to consider uninstalling it.

God Of War III – 16th March

God of War III remains one of Sony’s biggest flagships exclusive to PS3. As such, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the game during its release. The final chapter of Kratos’ quest for vengeance showcased the masterful execution of the spectacle and it was enough to satisfy the demands of longtime fans.

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