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Top 3 Ways You Can workout Your Brain Online


Most people binge-watch on Netflix when they’re bored or have some time to spare. There are other options though when you feel like having some downtime that actually exercises your brain.

Here are my top 3 recommendations to strengthen your brain and also have some downtime.

Playing cards

Card games can sharpen the mind by improving concentration, memory skills, and problem-solving. A great card game you can play is Spider Solitaire.

Here’s how to play Spider Solitaire:

  • Pick a level of difficulty – choose to play with 1 suit, 2 suits, or even 4 suits of cards.
  • You will be dealt cards from 2 decks.
  • The goal is to create 8 suits lined up in order of rank, from King to Ace.
  • Once the player completes a suit from King to Ace, the set is taken away and the card underneath is revealed.
  • Cards may be moved to other columns as long as it keeps to the correct order of descent in rank (i.e. a Queen can only be placed on top of a King). Doesn’t matter what suit it is. However, the suited run will only be put aside if the cards are in the same suit.
  • You can initiate a deal from the stockpile if you are stuck.
  • If you need a hint, you can click on ‘hint’ and you will be shown which cards can be moved from the same suit or from different suits.

To try out Spider Solitaire or for more information on how to play, click here.

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles can get your brain to think about word associations. They are made up of columns and rows. You guess which word is appropriate in the boxes based on the clues that you are given. People who do crossword puzzles 4 times a week are less likely to get Alzheimer’s.

Here’s how to do crossword puzzles:

  • Solve easy clues first.
  • Fill in words that intersect with already completed answers
  • If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to guess.
  • Erase and try again if something doesn’t fit right.
  • Look for word associations
  • Use the title to think of word associations. Crossword puzzles sometimes have a theme. If you think about the theme, you might think of the words which are missing.


This is another great way to work your brain, but with numbers.

  • The game board is a grid of 9 X 9 spaces. Within that board, there are 9 sets of 9 squares, or 3 rows and 3 columns in each set.
  • Each set needs to be filled with the numbers 1-9 without repeating any numbers in the same row or column.
  • Some numbers are already filled in. First work within the sets where more numbers are filled in.
  • The fewer numbers filled in, the harder the game is.

Take Away

You can still be productive while having some downtime. These are just a few ways out of many to exercise your brain while still relaxing. Enjoy one of these options and its benefits too!

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