Top 4 Great Sports Games That You Should Not Ignore

There will be many people who question the top sports games worth playing, and the following article will list the names worthy of being on the list of top sports games worth playing.


There is no question that FIFA has always been the No.1 global sports game brand, even though it squeezed lemon every year, the game released a new version, but it did not make the fans feel bored. The joy of the majority of gamers when it comes to the FIFA series of games is to own and control the famous players that they love.

The launch of the FIFA Online version also attracts millions of gamers to compete in hundreds of virtual football seasons, along with big tournament systems with the dream money to help gamers live with their passion.

Tony Hawk’s

Despite being an old game series that was released many years ago, this is the only series ever to bring success to the street sports game series. Tony Hawk’s focuses on skateboarding, a real-life protagonist who is a professional skateboarder with his legendary skills.

The game not only gives players the extreme excitement when performing performance but also shows the youth, dynamism, health, and generosity of people who are passionate about this type of sport.

Madden NFL

NFL (National Football League) is one of the tournaments that attracted the interest of the sports betting community in the US in particular and globally in general, including Sports Betting Pennsylvania. Madden NFL is a sports simulation game based on this tournament. This game is rated as the most realistic simulation sports game today and creates very positive effects in promoting American gamers to participate in sports.

Somehow Madden NFL has been able to instill motivation for the player, creating very genuine emotions when the player wins or loses even if it is only in the game. Madden NFL owns a professional tournament in the US, and this is also an eSport tournament about sports games that are most interested in American gamers.

Football Manager

Why don’t you become a manager yourself, take full control of a team, conquer the heights of Champion Leagues, the Premier League and even the World Cup? That’s what Football Manager gives you.

Not only stopping at football matches on the pitch, but Football Manager also includes a lot of management jobs on the sidelines, from recruiting a team of assistants, investing in grassroots teams, buying and selling, transfer. Whatever football management is involved in this series of games. The game is not only for football enthusiasts but also for a great support tool for future managers.

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