Transported: Looking At Some of The Best RPG’s of 2020

We love nothing more than the magic worlds of games. When the real world is too chaotic and serious for words, there is nothing better than getting lost in a role-playing computer game. From The Witcher 3 to Outer Worlds to the new Zelda, there are so many games to get you excited this year. Let’s explore some of the best and work out which should fill up your hours as you stay at home.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

This game is absurdly funny and pushes the edges of the RPG to its limits. You will find that some of your favorite fantasy themes are exaggerated and distorted, but all in the name of good fun. Whether you have a PS4, X-box One, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you will be able to be a fighter, thief, mage, or a Jew – where you have Jew-Jitsu abilities – and learn whatever skills you like as you travel through this imaginative world. As long as you don’t take yourself too seriously and are happy to be shocked by some pretty sick jokes – you will love this game.


Bloodborne may only be available on the PS4 – but it might be enough to test your game console allegiances. This is a beautiful game – with all sorts of beasts. It is a game full of pathos and will have you emotionally engrossed from the start. As well as being enriched by one of the most amazing narratives, you will have to combat creatures that literally jump out of the shadows.

While you start as a beginner in the game, you hope to one day become a feared hunter. As you progress through the game, you will visually see your transformation.

This is a dark game and one full of sadness about the broken bodies that you meet. However, while you will be taken by the consciousness of the monsters, you will still have to contend with them fighting you to the death. A complex idea and one that is well done.


We have chosen Undertale because it is different from other RPGs out there – in as much as there is no need to go around killing the monsters – you can choose to show them mercy too. If you want to get to the surface you have to decide which is the best route – whether to shed some blood or be kind to the little critters. We like this because everything is dictated by your behavior – which means you can play the game with different attitudes and see what happens. One day – merciless brute – and this is your consequence. The next, overly weak and passive – what happens now. A great concept and one able to offer multiple plays.

World of Warcraft

Even though this is only available on the PC, you have to have wondered at some point why there is so many World of Warcraft geeks in the world. Well, it is because it is one of the best RPG games ever to be made – ever – like really – ever. There is the look and there are battles and there are wars or alliances to be made. There are massive bosses that require you to gather your friends – and it is a sandbox with endless questing. Don’t try to be different – get into the same geeky paradise as millions of others.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

This is one of those RPG games released across all consoles and with good reason – it is awesome. Here you are put up against the Nemesis system and you will seriously start to hate whatever comes your way. The way to rise through the ranks is to kill everything in your path. 

Playing Ranger Talion as a sneaky stabber or as a sword-swinger will dictate how well you gather your followers. You then need to manage these followers – sending them out as spies or to rile up a bit of decent. 

We like this game most because you have so many options – you can shape the RPG experience that suits you. 

Stardew Valley

We like to offer variety and Stardew Valley is about as far away from Middle Earth as you can imagine. In this game, you are responsible for managing your grandfather’s farm – which you have inherited. You have many choices of what to do with your days on the land – you could cultivate food or maybe just decide to spend the day romancing one of the local village people. If you want a bit of fighting, then you can take on the dungeon-crawling mines – or you can go fishing. Up to you. Oddly, getting into a routine in the game was strangely pleasurable – and you will want to return to Pelican Town again and again.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is an Xbox game and one that welcomes even those not used to the RPG genre. You can often feel daunted by the endless choice and the patience required. This game is an easy entry into the RPG mode, as there are ways to approach the game that make it more accessible than most.

The game starts 4000 years before the films and you are training in the ways of the Force. You can choose from one of three characters and this will impact your journey and choices through the game. You can choose the dark or the light side of the force and you can become involved in some energetic lightsaber action. While there are endless choices that make this a great experience for RPG addicts, there is enough to get newbies to the genre started without needing to be a purest.

The Witcher 3

If we were going to choose the best RPG to play this year it would probably be The Wicher 3. One minute you are putting the soul of noonwraith to rest and the next you can go for some cuddling, paid fun at Passiflora. There is a mixture of combat and decision-making – as well as some excellent writing to keep you interested.

You will be the outsider in the game but you are always needed in this mythical world – and the tension this creates is brilliant. You will spend hours just handing out and following the storyline. 

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