Video Games in Schools for Education

Many parents are worried about the so-called process of digitization of their children. Their children spend a lot of time online and playing different video games. These activities take a lot of time, which is commonly wasted. However, educators claim down parents because their children can be engaged in the learning process thanks to certain video games designed for education.

Technology is beneficial in many ways and can help to overcome various problems, learn and develop skills faster, enlarge the knowledge beyond the curriculum, etc. Thus, many students solve the most difficult tasks using a reliable custom company called This is one of the possible solutions offered by technology. 

The Main Benefits of Educational Video Games

Nowadays, children spend heaps of time on the Internet and gaming. On average, over 10 hours are devoted to these activities daily. It makes over 30,000 hours before children reach the age of 20. Educators don’t grow desperate and use this statistic to engage students in the process of learning. They suggest playing educational games and it provides various benefits.

  • Development of Collaborative Skills

According to James Gee, a professor of literacy studies at Arizona State University, children free their minds thanks to gaming. They perceive gaming as a network and improve collaborative skills. They don’t compete with one another but work as a team to learn more about certain subjects and reach success in doing their tasks. Many children develop their social skills via video games.

  • Engagement in the Learning Process

Gianna Gurga, a teacher at Dag Hammarskjold, claims that video games help to get more out of her students. They are positively “addicted” to gaming and show great results in learning. The teacher provides them with points for correct completion of various tasks. Children commonly use them to acquire certain prerogatives, like listening to music in class or participating in various activities. They know that good learning performance provides them with multiple benefits and so, they learn harder.

  • Enhancement of Reading Comprehension and Thinking

Educational video games challenge students. They make them think critically to successfully pass different tasks. They also should read a lot to understand how a certain task must be completed. Thus, they simultaneously enhance reading comprehension and critical thinking. Besides, gaming develops various non-cognitive skills. Among such are patience, disciplines, problem solving, and the already mentioned collaboration. These benefits lead to improved social behavior.

  • Suitability for Individual Learning

Many educators state that gaming is suitable for individualized learning. There’s no perfect curriculum and some students cannot reveal their talents to the fullest. Some video games help to countervail the drawbacks and enhance their skills.

  • Development of Technical Skills

The current generation of children is called Generation Z because they don’t know the world without technology. They are the most progressive out of all previous generations. Therefore, it’s not surprising that even preschoolers already have pretty good technical skills. In time, these skills improve for many a time and so many teenagers become experts in computer science even without special education. It positively benefits them in finding a good job.

  • Control of Children’s Progress

Video games allow for gathering data about students in the real-time regime. The data shows how students comprehend new materials and handle their tasks. Thus, educators can quickly assess the quality of the educational process and make adjustments if necessary.

As you can see, not all video games are evil. Special educational games greatly help children. Using them correctly, educators can sufficiently speed up the development of young generations.

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