Ways to Entertain Yourself While Your Playstation is Broken

So your old favorite console finally gave out and kicked the bucket and you feel like there’s nothing to do until it’s repaired or Amazon delivers a new one? Well, let’s see if we can figure out something for you to do!

It’s All in Your Hands
While you may be used to playing on a regular console, there are many other viable alternatives to work with. You can try plenty of new things from a slew of mobile games to a handheld game console that can be loaded up with as many new titles as you want. In fact, some of the oldest handhelds have been around longer than regular stationary models like the Playstation. So if you’re up for an old-school experience, you can’t really go wrong with a mini-console like this.

And Also in Your Feet

Up for a jog, perhaps? Going on a short run across town can really improve your legs, strengthen your muscles, and clear your mind so you’ll feel better both mentally and physically. In fact, studies prove that jogging can increase your lifespan and curb signs of aging, boosting your cardiovascular system substantially. And, of course, it wouldn’t be too bad to try out any other sports-related activities you’ve been wondering about lately.

A Pretty Picture

There are many different hobbies that not only help to pass the time but also prove to be quite fruitful, fulfilling, and leave you with some impressive results. For example, some may argue that painting is the best way to express your inner creativity and add some beauty into the world. Just you, a blank canvas, and some paints to help you fill the blank with something breathtaking. Who knows, maybe a talented artist is lurking inside you?

Strum Those Chords

Another solid option is taking up the guitar, one of the easier instruments. Plus, after you’ve mastered the six-string wonder, you can move back to your console with pleasure since it offers the fun of guitar-playing games as well. Jam out in Rock Band or learn a couple of new songs in Rocksmith, the options are wide open! That way you combine a new skill with the familiar fun of playing on your console.

Shake the Dust Off

Alternatively, while you’re waiting for a new chance to play video games, you could check which parts of your home need cleaning, starting from dusting the shelves to mopping the floor. Sure, it’s not the most fun way to spend time but it’s useful and when else will you bother with chores if not when the console is out? That way you both keep your home immaculate and pleasant to be in as well as kill the hours until an emergency gaming session arrives to save the day.

In Summation

So now you know some ways to pass the time while the Playstation is out of order. Hopefully you’ve found something for yourself and won’t fall into despair while games are unavailable. Stay strong and remember, help is on the way!

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