What’s Going on With the OSRS Economy?

Like most MMORPGs, the economy within OSRS Runescape is an important element of the game that often affects how players approach the game. For some players, the economy is the game. Some players love to monitor the economy within the game and make intelligent decisions and investments that increase their OSRS gp haul. Other players don’t pay too much attention to the economy, only interacting with the Grand Exchange when they need to. And of course, lots of players fall somewhere in between. Regardless, the economy will affect how the game functions, so it’s a good idea to be aware of what’s happening in the economy and what that means for players. Let’s take a look.


Old School Bonds are tradeable items that players can use to grant them membership access or to use for name changes. Bonds can be sold to other players via The Grand Exchange. Bond prices have been steadily rising over the last year, going up around 2 million OSRS Gold over this time. Lots of players rely on Bonds for their membership time, and at the moment, buying bonds is much more expensive than it was even six months ago. Many players are finding that it’s cheaper to buy OSRS Gold online, and buy their bonds on the Grand Exchange than endlessly griding for OSRS gp in-game.

Gold Pieces are Getting Harder to Earn

The Beserker Ring is one of the very few rings in the game that give stat bonuses to players, and as a result, it’s always been a highly sought-after item. The Beserker Ring used to be a great money maker for players, usually guaranteeing a decent profit on the Grand Exchange. However, times have changed. The Beserker Ring is now worth over 1 million gold pieces less than it was 6 months ago. Blood Runes are also at their lowest point in the last 6 months!

This is a trend we’re seeing with several items that used to be big moneymakers. The Archers Ring has fallen 30% in the last 6 months. The Dragon Warhammer weapon has fallen by 12.1 million gold pieces or 22% in the last 6 months. Now, of course, economies fluctuate as players turn their attention to new things, however, this does seem to be a general trend. A lot of items that were previously very valuable have fallen in value over the last year, which means players are earning less gold pieces per hour by farming these items.

So, players are earning less gold per hour, but bond prices are going up. This is incredibly frustrating for some players who don’t have much free time to dedicate to the game. It’s also frustrating for free-to-play players who used to be able to do some basic farming to earn their bond. New players can no longer do this because the cost of bonds is so high. Other players may see this trend as a way to make the game more challenging and therefore more rewarding. Wherever you fall on this issue, now is the time to get serious about your OSRS Gold making or risk feeling the negative effects of the changing economy, which would only encourage to get more gold on gold selling sites.

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