Why is 2020 the Best Time to Start Online Gaming?

Self-isolations you say? Staying at home for days at a time? What sounds like a horror movie for a person who likes clubbing sounds like a blessing for an avid gamer. And with this debacle of a year outside, 2020 has quickly become one of the best years to start online gaming, especially when even some flash games are being remastered.

Even if you prefer single-player games for the story and time management, you may want to start looking for online options. At least now you have the time.

There are five games that bring that needed personal conflict to our life that we hopefully won’t experience elsewhere:

  • CoD: Warzone
  • LoL: Season 2020
  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Minecraft

These will not only eat up our time but allow us to communicate with other people and feel the camaraderie. Arguably, the most important thing at this point is staying sane, and there is no better thing to do that than to escape in a world with friends and enemies alike.

Build something, destroy something, make some friends, and then kill them in-game. As Mufasa says: ‘’It’s the circle of life’’.

Keeping in Touch

It might sound like a trivial thing, but doing something together with your friends is very important for humans. Keeping in touch and having joint experiences reduces stress and makes harder bonds.

Regretfully, if you can’t go outside of your house, there is not much in this regard. That can lead to depression and anxiety and should be countered in any productive way possible.

Gaming is bringing together the fun and the beneficial. You can play games with your friends and benefit that way. The physiological result will be the same, and it is arguably more fun than most other activities.

Best Games to Play in 2020

Something being called the ‘’best game’’ overall is a very tall order. But, when you know that you are looking for intensive online multiplayer games that can accommodate working with your friends and against them, the range of options narrows.

Thankfully, there are several options that can work quite well in this regard. Most of them were around for quite some time and have a well-established ecosystem where you can play in and entertain yourself.

But, the list is by no means extensive and exclusive. If your friends all have their preferred game that may not be on the list, don’t shy from trying that as well. It’s not about the pixels, it’s about the experience.

CoD: Warzone

This is the second attempt by Call of Duty to monetize the Battle Royale market and a much more successful one. CoD: Warzone is much faster and much more competitive than anything before and really does a lot with the platform.

Players between the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC are segregated, and whichever you choose you won’t be playing on an uneven field.

But, in-built communication systems should be used only on PC as it is, for some reason, the least toxic. For consoles, it is much better to use something on the outside that will let you only hear your friends.

Or you may use the mute button generously if it’s not a hassle for you.

LoL: Season 2020

Following LeagueFeed in the last couple of weeks can show us that a lot has been going on when it comes to League of Legends.

Season 2020 is not in its last quarter and all of the new heroes have already been tweaked and set up. As most gamers have already tried this globally popular e-sport maybe it is a good time to return to the Summoner’s Rift to see how you fare.

All of your skins and heroes will be waiting for you where you left them, as well as a lot of new ones, depending on when you stopped playing.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Destiny 2 combines some of the best features from single-player campaigns and multiplayer events. Generally, if you are a strictly asocial person even over the internet, you can play the game easily all by yourself.

But, if you get stuck or want to try your luck against other players for even more rewards, you can engage in co-op or PvP, or both. 

The game is also stunning to look at, which is rarely the case when it comes to what is basically an MMORPG.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Although CS: GO came out in 2012, it is basically a re-skin of the original game. This means that players have been shooting at each other and cursing campers and snipers for two whole decades now on the same maps.

There are new iterations of the game, but it seems that GO is the pinnacle when it comes to FPS games. It is entirely skill-based and all players start with the same options, only different goals.

There is no pay to win and the only thing that counts is your skill. That, and what I can hear from people I play against, lag is also a big thing.


It is possible that the lack of an intended goal in the game is exactly what makes Minecraft so perfect. You just need to build stuff and survive. When you die everything you made goes to the person who griefed you.

This is why the game is such an important multiplayer experience. While others like CS: GO reward your response time, Minecraft rewards you for your cooperation and strategy. There is safety in numbers and together you may build magnificent bases that will dominate entire worlds.

Or you can shower other bases with lava buckets and be kicked out for talking politics in the chat… the Minecraft world is your oyster.

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