Word Fit Puzzle + (iOS) Review

Word Fit Puzzle + is a casual, puzzle game for the iOS. It is a remake of the classic crossword puzzle but with a twist, in which the words that are in the crossword are already give to you and your job is to take those words and correctly place them in the puzzle, basically a reverse crossword puzzle. You fancy this game? Then read on for more.


  • Size: 9.2 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.5
  • Languages: Many
  • Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with Iphone, Ipod, Ipad.
  • Optimized for Iphone 5

Graphics And Visuals

IMG_1660 IMG_1665

Word Fit is a very simple game where you create a crossword puzzle, and it can be seen right from the get go. The first thing that pops into the screen when you play Word Fit is the game itself, no frills, no intro, no nothing. It gives you all the info that you need in one shot. The puzzle itself is a throwback to the classic white and black crossword that you see in the old days. The only colored sections in this game are the word box and buttons, whose color you can change. Simplicity that show you don’t need a colorful setup to give out a great presentation.

Game Mechanics


Normally when you play a crossword puzzle, your job is to guess correctly the word that is being asked by a question for a corresponding number followed by the direction in the puzzle. Well, Word Fit is a bizzarro version of the crossword puzzle. In this game, the words that you would need to guess in the crossword are already revealed, and your job is to correctly guess where the word fits, get it?

How to do this is very simple; you just have to pick a spot in the crossword where there are no words yet, and choose the word that you think is the right one onto the puzzle and it will automatically integrate itself with the puzzle. One thing that you have to take note of is the first letter that is available when you begin a game. It is advisable that you start there first before trying to fill out the rest of the puzzle, as the first letter is the first clue that will greatly help you. An option is available for you to request an extra letter, but there is a penalty of additional time being added to your score.

Another great tidbit about Word Fit is that the words are not just limited to English. Players can choose the language that they are most familiar with and play with that setting. This is great for people who are not that proficient in the English language, or those who want to learn words from other languages.

The difficulty and length of the words can be managed in the settings tab. You can manually change the number of columns and rows as well as control the starting letters that appear at the start of every game to your liking.


Overall, Word Fit is a game that is all about substance rather than style. Its simple yet addictive gameplay more than makes up for the lack of sounds, which is not that useful in games like these but still is a nice addition to any game. Anyone can play this game, it does not matter if the player is a grizzled puzzle vet or a rookie, with the help of the customization settings, you can tone it down or set the bar higher for a greater challenge. This game is really worth buying and spending a lot of hours playing. Highly Recommended

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