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ADATA Premier DDR4 2133 AD4U2133W4G15 Memory Review

For any X99 builder, the cost of memory is quite a hurdle to overcome but there are kits out there that come in straight up vanilla versions without the shrouds and XMP profiles. We take a look at the ADATA Premier DDR4-2133 module and you’d be surprised at how good an OC this kit can take. Read on!

ADATA Premier DDR4 2133 Unbuffered DIMM Memory

With DDR4 still in its infancy, most of the companies that have rolled-out their initial DDR4 offerings have created more high-end and sophisticated offerings to leave a statement for early adopters. These early adopters will set the pace at which the demand for DDR4 will kick-off and so far we’ve seen a fair share of the enthusiast parts for the X99 platform which is the first to adopt DDR4 modules. Today though we’ll be looking at something more conventional for the mainstream and professional users who need to get started with an X99 setup but don’t need high-performance memory in their system to start off. We’ll be taking a look at the ADATA Premier DDR4 2133.


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DDR4 Overview

With DDR3 reaching its limits in a world that demands higher performance and increased bandwidth, there is a new generation of DDR SDRAM on the horizon. DDR4 is due out in late 2014 and promises to deliver higher performance, higher DIMM capacities and lower power consumption.

Achieving more than 2Gbps per pin and consuming less power than DDR3L, (DDR3 low-power), DDR4 provides up to 50 percent increased performance and bandwidth capabilities while decreasing the voltage and power efficiency of your overall computing environment. This represents a significant improvement over previous memory technologies and a power savings up to 40 percent.

In addition to optimised performance and greener, low-cost computing, DDR4 also provides cyclic redundancy checks (CRC) for improved data reliability, on-chip parity detection for integrity verification of ‘command and address’ transfers over a link, enhanced signal integrity and other robust RAS features.


Read more - ADATA PREMIER DDR4 2133 Product Page



ADATA Premier DDR4 2133

Look at this really colorful table!

Closer Look


The ADATA Premier Pro DDR4 2133 modules sent to us are the bulk modules served in trays but for retail customers there will be single DIMMs and kits of 2 and 4 available for purchase with 4GB and 8GB modules available. For our test, we will be using the 4GB modules in quad-channel arrangement.

As mentioned, the ADATA Premier DDR4 modules are sold without heatsinks and other cosmetic additions. Its a bare-essential product and with the lower voltages that DDR4 uses, we feel its alright for a non-XMP, high-frequency kit using the standard JEDEC timings for DDR4.


SK Hynix RAM modules are used on these modules.


Here’s a picture of our setup: an X99 motherboard featuring quad-channel slots for up to eight DDR4 modules.

Performance Testing

Test Setup

Processor: Intel Core i7 5930K
Storage: Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB
PSU: Corsair Professional AX860i
Cooling: Custom loop (XSPC Raystorm block, XSPC D5 Dual Bayres (set to medium), BlackIce Stealth GT 360 rad)
Monitor: LG E2350V
VGA: Palit Jetstream GTX 780Ti


The ADATA Premier Pro DDR4 2133, as the name suggests uses the stock JEDEC timings for its frequencies.




Despite that these aren’t intended for overclocking applications, we need to find out how far we can take these module. Moving over to the RAMPAGE V EXTREME board, we bumped up the timing and frequency to the next step which DDR4-2400 at 16-16-16-39 timings. No voltage bump yet at this point and the system was very stable. Let’s push some more.


Bumping to DRAM voltage to 1.3v and stepping up the clocks to DDR4-2666 with 16-16-16-39 timings, we still manage to have the system up and running perfectly stable under benchmark loads.

Pushing past DDR4-2666 was a challenge though and we were unable to achieve DDR4-2800 even with looser timings or a voltage bump of 1.5v so we’re looking at the limit of our kit. Still, at DDR4-2666 we are getting a solid 25% bump in our RAM speeds.


The ADATA Premier DDR4 2133 memories are looking good as they are and with performance figures able to increase with a touch of overclocking,

ADATA Premier DDR4 2133

As of this moment, we have no official pricing info but etailers peg the price at around 50$ 70$ which is the average going price of DDR4 these days. We’ve reached out to ADATA for official pricing and will update accordingly.

Barring pricing information, the performance alone is enough to make the ADATA Premier DDR4 2133 a great choice for performance seekers looking to hop on the DDR4 and X99 HEDT platform and save a few bucks setting up your workstation. The overclocking potential is there and will easily offset the initial adoption cost if you end up overclocking the kits.

Availability for these kits is a bit of a hit and miss though and we’ve found them on different levels in online stores. If any of your local stores carry ADATA there is a high-chance they might carry these too should that store cater to the higher-end audience but for now, we’re hard pressed to find the various kits listed on ADATA’s website.

ADATA backs the Premier DDR4 2133 with a Lifetime Warranty. We give the ADATA Premier DDR4 2133 our B2G Recommended Award.


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