Intel Core i9-10900K 10-Core Processor Review

The Last Dance for Intel

Overclocking the i9 10900K is the same experience as the 9900K with the main barrier being heat that the CPU outputs once its loaded on 5Ghz on all cores. With 10-cores under load, temperatures go up really fast and while I’m quite confident our sample is stable even on 5.1Ghz with 1.3v, the temperature makes it quite the challenge. This 10900K refuses to boost on 5.3Ghz even with a 1.5v CPU voltage and I actually did not have much confidence in this CPU especially with its heat output during Turbo.

On the concept of a 5Ghz 10-core CPU, it’s quite remarkable but even with an OC, we don’t see the a 10900K going head to head with a golden 3900X at 4.6Ghz on a multi-threaded rumble.