ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME LGA1200 Motherboard Review

A Jordan 1 Dior is still more expensive

We discussed in our 10900K review about the expectations of overclocking the processor and much like AMD’s, there’s not a lot you can go unless we go LN2. The good thing is that we’re playing in the 5Ghz domain and while it is a novelty, any overclocking enthusiast will appreciate pushing past 5Ghz on enthusiast cooling solutions. In our case, our CPU was capable of doing 5.1Ghz but not without its heat limitation. Still, on non-AVX Prime95 12K loads, this thing can handle it and with the VRM barely scraping past 52*C.

As the Maximus XII Extreme packs all of the finer controls of its overclocking competition days, there is a lot to play around with for anyone who wants to be a little more adventurous. The Gene or APEX have recently been more favorable for competitive use but with the EXTREME transitioning to a more watercooling/luxury role, it still has the controls of a competition board.

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