ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA LGA1200 Motherboard Review

Looks the same, feels different, but still a good board, just not as good as the one before

To measure power draw, we hook-up our power meter on another system via USB. Our power meter is capable providing a chart of power the watts currently being consumed by the unit plug into it. We take the average of 15 minutes idle and 15 minutes load to show our power daw. Our load test is SuperPI 12K. A power virus scenario which you will never encounter on regular use. This is a worst-case scenario but is lighter on power than our previous AIDA64 stress test which is an AVX test, which draws more power than normal. The raw data from app is gathered and we get our results.  Temperatures are also captures during this time.

Various configurations will play a factor on how much you are consuming and the same applies to our test. We try to keep our test bench uniform at all times (same memory, graphics card, board if possible, etc). All tests are done with the motherboard or CPU on out-of-box settings as indicated in our Test Setup page with only XMP applied.

When tested on motherboards, this shows how motherboard companies tune their BIOS to affect performance which in turn affects power draw and temperatures.

The ROG Maximus XII Formula uses the same 16-phase VRM that the Maximus XII Extreme uses. Their design is identical hence the same behavior on CPU voltages that’s both motherboard feel the same when handling MCE on or off. The heatsink cooling is slightly lighter but is by no means a slouch, the materials is still dense and the material used is a nice combination that can dissipate heat passively even without water flowing through the pipes or air blowing over them but of course, these blocks will work the best on a loop.  The slight power draw advantage I can chalk up to either the reduced lighting intensity as well as the Formula just on a bit more of an aggressive curve when the processor is on load but that’s just my assumption.

Thermal Images

Here’s thermal images of the MAXIMUS XII EXTREME VRM area under load with Prime95 12K stock settings.

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