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ASUS ProArt Z490 Creator 10G LGA1200 Motherboard Review


ASUS ProArt Z490-Creator 10G

The ASUS ProArt Z490 Creator 10G goes back to a more traditional offering in terms of design with no I/O shroud on and no I/O backplate built-in. The color theme is a touch of light bronze for color with the majority of the board done in black. The heatsinks have a heavy touch of parallel lines, serving both a functional as well as visual purpose for the heatsinks.

The board has a stand array of six SATA ports although we would’ve expected more given the storage requirements of potential users in the creator field. Over at the back we have a number of USB3.1 and USB3.2 ports as well as multiple DisplayPort outlets with one of these serving as the input for the built-in Thunderbolt3 Type-C ports.


ASUS ProArt Z490-Creator 10G

ASUS builds this board with a 12+2 power delivery design on a non-teaming configuration that they use on their ROG boards. The VRM is cooled by a nice looking heatsink and while they look narrow and small, these heatsinks are substantially dense and can handle heat quite well.


ASUS ProArt Z490-Creator 10G

The M.2 slots also have heatsink covers except for the expose one on th lower part of the board. I would just like to note that these heatsinks -ehem- look like chocolate bars.

ASUS ProArt Z490-Creator 10G
ASUS ProArt Z490-Creator 10G
ASUS ProArt Z490-Creator 10G

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