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ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME LGA1200 Motherboard Review

ASUS is heavily investing in their software ecosystem in recent times and most of their enthusiast products will be accompanied by the Armoury Crate app. A unified control center for controlling your devices as well as RGB and fans, etc. ASUS builds a lot of things into Armoury Crate and is nice enough now to ask before installing it. It’s a nice little software suite that has improved over time and some people sleep on it, but ASUS has a nice little promotion tab on this thing where you can score some sweet deals and freebies.


AI Suite III is still ASUS’s go-to performance and power control software that is yet to be integrated into Armoury Crate. AI Suite III allows you control over memory timings, CPU clocks, voltages and all of those things straight from Windows and you can overclock straight from Windows as well. You can tell a different team handles AI Suite development and Armoury. They just feel different and with regards to AI Suite III, it’s been stale for so long with no development on it that its just a piece of novelty that average-joes install without second thought. Nobody loves you AI Suite III.

Much of the newer features are in audio and network, albeit GameFirst is quite mature at this point, ASUS’s implementation of “AI” into the software makes it a more dynamic tool for network management. Integration of ASUS router pairing makes it so that your router knows which devices needs the most priority while your device handles internal outgoing and incoming traffic.

Sonic Radar and Sonic Studio are still with us in this release. Sonic Studio now includes a virtual mixer tool which allows some nifty audio control intended for streamers to handle their audio. Sonic Radar is a visual augmentation for converting 3D and directional audio into spatial guides by showing you where sound is coming from which ASUS intends to be an “advantage” for gamers who can maximize the tool in their gameplay.

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