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ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME (Z490) LGA1200 Motherboard Unboxing & First Impressions

ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME (Z490) LGA1200 Motherboard

The ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME, much like any EXTREME motherboard, will command a price. It’s pedigree though, is ultimately, a premium one and something mostly reserved for those that can avail the ROG tax that this board entails and with a relatively board-centric feature set, it’s going to have to rely on its charms to make it on the market.

As mentioned though, it’s a premium board and one that predominantly chooses its owner, not the other way around. Still, it’s a very capable motherboard from what the specs sheet say but barring performance potential, the Thunderbolt card and rich watercooling options make it both a content creator’s friend as well as a watercooler’s playground. For a price.

I’m not particularly charmed by the looks and there’s not really any certain features that stand out for me. Still, it’s a mature motherboard and ASUS’ choice to cutback on the RGB as well as any other gimmick is welcome but the board is, by itself, without tricks that make it standout. Let’s see if my opinion change once reviews come out so stay tuned for our full review. Follow us on social media, @back2gaming, to stay updated.


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