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ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA LGA1200 Motherboard Review


This part of the review is lifted from our unboxing article of the Maximus XII Formula

ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA (Z490) LGA1200 Motherboard

I’m not sure if I have not seen a Formula board for a long time or ASUS is really slimming down the bundle on these board. The Maximus XII Formula has, aside from the standard RGB cable, SATA cables, WIFI antenna and manuals, you get a hang-tag. AND A CD. In 2020. You get a compact disc. In the year 2020. Seriously ASUS? For a Formula board? A CD?


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  1. Hmm, why is it though performing worse in certain benchmarks? May this also be due to bios version and could still be improved?

  2. This is explained in the Behavior page: https://www.back2gaming.com/reviews/b2g-hardware/hw-components/cpu-mobo/rog-maximus-xii-formula-lga1200-motherboard-review/7/#split_content

    Basically out-of-box settings for ROG uses default Intel behavior with MCE disable so only runs at 120W TDP vs AORUS running at 250W TDP or basically near 5Ghz vs 4.4Ghz or so ROG/Stock

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