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Graphics Cards

ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3060 OC Graphics Card Review

A performance review of the ASUS ROG RTX 3060 OC graphics card.

In this segment, we’ll introduce our raytracing benchmark test. This is purely experimental at this time point so let me talk some detail about its current state. I mentioned a few reviews earlier that my concept of benchmarks revolves around simple factors like player adoption (popularity), and technological advancement as well as some other details and at this point, slowly but surely, the gaming world  is slowly filling up with more raytraced games. Regardless of who’s backing the raytracing as a technology partner, with consoles leading the charge, PC will have to follow on the raytracing path.

As always, we set the maximum details possible for each game available. We also disable proprietary technologies specifically DLSS. We will introduce a DLSS benchmark in the future as looking into DLSS introduces more testing that I’m currently looking into how to manage data properly

For now, have the following Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Control. Future inclusions that are still in research status are Fortnite, Metro Exodus and a few other upcoming titles.

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