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Easily Capcom’s most successful game to date. Available in both consoles and PC, Monster Hunter World ranks in Steam’s top played games for the platform. The 2020 Iceborne update for PC brings the game to new PC frontier, introducing DirectX 12 support. The game features rich graphical detail settings and an Ultra HD texture pack for highend gamers. MHW’s features fast-paced action with traditional RPG farings and has captured a new market thanks to the transition from portable.

Our benchmark for this game uses an expedition track in the Wildspire Waste Southwest Camp (Area 1) and finishes in the Rathian nest at Area 12 in the caves. This run gives us runs from barren area, to watery area with lush vegetation to a cave which replicates the varied nature of exploration and monster combat in MHW.


API: DirectX 12
Graphical Settings: Manual (customized from High)
All variable settings set to High
Image Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: TAA
Max LOD Level: No Limit
Volume Rendering Quality: High
Motion Blur: Off
DLSS and AMD FidelityFX: OFF


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  1. These Witcher 3 results are strange. Do you have any idea why the ASUS TUF is doing so well? The average and minimum frame rates are so much higher than the Zotac and FE?? Did the other cards thermal throttle or something?

    1. The ASUS TUF GAMING RTX 3080 OC is effectively running at 2Ghz during these tests giving it a bit of an edge versus the 1850Mhz or lower that we see from the FE and Trinity.

      Actually, a rep from ZOTAC stated that the Trinity is by design, slower than other cards and that’s actually mind boggling an employee will say that. It’s on Reddit just don’t have the link right now.

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