COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax Graphics Card Review

Entry-level mainstream with top-shelf cooling and perforrmance

Now we’ve always had this narrative of how COLORFUL is doing really good on their iGame line but we’ve never really had the chance to review anything outside their iGame series. Now their iGame lineup is spectacular and most often than not, really cements their position as the hometown king of China’s graphics card market. But how’s their entry level look like? We’ve recently reviewed the COLORFUL RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC-V, now that’s kinda entry-level but still iGame but for today, we have our wish granted.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax. Now this is particularly a newer sub-series for them, but pretty much just a naming scheme to distinguish a product from another. We’ve seen this cooler before from COLORFUL and there’s really nothing special going on with this card. That said, the GTX 1660 SUPER has always been my favorite non-RTX card. For whatever reason, its more powerful than it should and usually performs above the original GTX 1660 as well as the GTX 1660 Ti making it quite competitive above its weight class.

COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax Graphics Card Review

That said, this review is in support of our previous video where we checked out if a 1660 Super is good enough for high-FPS gaming.

In this review, we’ll cover more about the upgrade of a possible GTX 1660 SUPER owner and we take older cards like the GTX 1050 Ti and Radeon RX570 and see how far a GTX 1660 Super goes against those cards. We also compare it to the RTX 2060 just for reference for those still second guessing if they should go RTX.

We’re debuting two new upgrades to our benchmarks with this review. First, we have our Powenetics power testing platform which allows undisputedĀ  accuracy when it comes to power measurement as well as a new Intel 10th-gen test CPU. All the cards have been retested just forĀ  this test so all our data is updated.

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About the COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax

The COLORFUL GTX 1660 Super Battle Ax is the company’s entry level card design for the GTX 1660 SUPER. It shares the stack with COLORFUL’s entry-level model the 6G-V and the higher model is the triple fan iGame 6G-V card.

The card itself is pretty much stock with reference clocks at 1530Mhz base and boosts up to 1785Mhz.

COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax Graphics Card Review

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