COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax Graphics Card Review

Entry-level mainstream with top-shelf cooling and perforrmance

To measure both power consumption and heat, we stress the video card and record the peak values for heat and wattage. We use default values on the cards and stress test them using 3DMark Time Spy in 20 loops to simulate gaming loads and this is where we also base our power draw. Our tool allows us to save a log of actual power draw and other metrics for easier data collection and averaging. We took 15 minutes of idle and load readings and averaged them which is what we present in the charts.

This review also marks the debut of our Powenetics power testing kit from Cybenetics.  This tool allows us to capture power per component in real time including both the GPU, CPU and any SATA device we plug in. We’ll do a formal introduction soon. For now, this is pretty much a warm-up as we’re still getting the workflow ready but the initial GPU database is already being built and we hope to share this with everyone soon. For now, let’s stick with the graphs first.

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