COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax Graphics Card Review

Entry-level mainstream with top-shelf cooling and perforrmance

So approaching this review from an upgrader’s standpoint, comparing the card from a GTX 1050 Ti or an RX 570, its quite obvious there would be a jump in performance. Now, the worth of performance here varies per user but again, in support of our Frames Win Games analysis, we do see acceptable performance in esports-inclined titles. In AAA games, we can see the impact of higher details but still, performance is acceptable.

For the most part this card performs decently and there’s really not a lot talk about as it is a value offering. And despite its older cooler, it does quite well, keeping our card under 70*C. There’s no lighting,  no fancy fan implementations, no nothing. This is as simple as it gets and it does its job quite well. There is a backplate which is an ok addition.

So, against the pricier RTX 2060, the GTX 1660 Super may not have raytracing or DLSS but do know that if you play mostly esports games, a lot of these don’t really have support for raytracing or DLSS so you can save the money if you really don’t need that.

Focusing back on the COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax, let’s be honest its as vanilla as it gets. Performance is pretty much indicative of what a reference card should do so pretty much the point of this review is that if you’re looking a GTX 1660 SUPER and with supply shortage right now in some regions, some of you may be resorting doing the import route and you this funnily named COLORFUL card, do know that the data speaks for itself and it’s a quite a capable graphics card.

COLORFUL backs the iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC with a 3-year warranty. We give it our B2G Recommended Seal!

COLORFUL GTX 1660 SUPER Battle Ax Graphics Card Review
Final Thoughts
Deceptively well-cooled card despite its light cooling. If you're stuck on the budget range of around $299 for a graphics card and import if your only choice, you can pick this card up from AliExpress and its a decent option.
Build Quality
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Good overall performance
Quiet operation
Reference performance
Import might be your only source for this

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