COLORFUL iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC Graphics Card Review

Entry-level mainstream with top-shelf cooling and perforrmance

Here we use a quick round of Time Spy from the latest version of 3DMark to see a relative score of how our graphics card performs. We’ll compare the reference Normal clocked iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance against the Turbo mode.

iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC Normal Mode Score


iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC Turbo Mode

Clock Speeds

Using the same test but in Stress Test form, we capturee the clock speeds of these cards to see how they behave during load. Now temperature really comes to play a big part here so immediately below is our temp chart for this test.

As usual, NVIDIA’s cooler, no matter how good looking, still leaves a lot to be desired. The iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC’s Silver Shark cooler though does a good job keeping our card under 70*C . You’ll notice that Turbo mode has lower thermals around 3/4 of the way and that’s due to COLORFUL possibly putting fans on a higher profile while in Turbo mode. This does give a slight benefit as you’ll see in the chart below where the iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC gets a slight Mhz bump.

We do see tight clock speeds during the test and do take note the reference is 1770Mhz boost and Turbo is 1815Mhz, we’re seeing the iGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advance OC go past 1900mhz, seeing a peak of 1950Mhz but pretty much holding at 1910Mhz. These explains the relatively similar score that we saw earlier. This is also the reason that we will also be sticking to Normal mode for the rest of this test.