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GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC Graphics Card Review

Let’s open this up with a direct comparison versus this card’s more generic brother, the GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER 1-Click OC. Note that “GAMER” in the product name. The RTX 260 SUPER 1-Click OC is a dual-fan cooled option with a modest 15Mhz overclock vs. a stock RTX 2060 SUPER. Against the RTX 2060 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC though, it appears to be the same card but looking at it from a numbers perspective in our charts as well as the chart above which shows us a head-to-head view of both cards under 4K load, we see that the RTX 2060 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC has a temperature and performance difference. The Gamer card has the advantage if terms of clock speeds which in turn results in a slight increase in average performance but due to the usage of 80mm fans, GALAX has tuned cooling to a more relaxed fan speed to reduce noise. This is what I assume is the reason this card consumes a bit less power although its RGB closes that gap pretty quickly.

With that data in mind, the GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC by default is not the better cooled card and despite its triple fan, gamers who may assume such is the case need to be informed that you might need a custom fan curve to effectively take advantage of the triple fan cooling. Still, this card performs better than its reference brother and adds a few reason why its definitely a more worthy buy.


So in closing, the slight OC and RGB does give this card a slight advantage over its reference brother or even the EXOC series from GALAX. The only drawback is that out of the box, the fans of the RTX 206 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC could’ve been a bit better tuned. Still, its an effective card and if you’re vertically mounting the card, it’s definitely a looker.

A good combination of price, performance and aesthetics, the GALAX RTX 2060 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC is something I can easily recommend for those looking a midrange gaming card, especially for esports titles like Valorant or CSGO.

GALAX backs the RTX 2060 SUPER Gamer 1-Click OC with a 3-year warranty. I give it a B2G Recommend Seal!

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