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OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review

The pandemic and parts shortages has opened up the market to new players. OCPC is one those names you’ll be seeing more often and today we take a closer look at the OCPC X3 DDR4 memory kit. Check out the full review in the link.

OCPC X3 DDR4-3200 Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review

Its not surprising to see fast-rising players in the PC market but OCPC is one of those brands that goes 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. OCPC doesn’t really have a lot of info about their company online but surprisingly, seeing their products pop-up from gaming chairs to custom chassis to DDR4 memory, I was really curious to see what the company has to offer. Luckily one of our good friend hooked us up with OCPC who sent their X3treme RGB memory for us to review as an appetizer of what they do.

…one of the brands that took advantage of their supply to sell closer to home is OCPC.

First, a little more about the company: I first encountered OCPC in 2019 and just in time for COMPUTEX. They were heavily marketing as a USA company and the OCPC official website reflects that as well. Fast-forward a year later and they have more than just DDR4 memory. Today, OCPC has gaming chairs, PCIe extenders, PSUs, chassis, and more. The market really opened up to OCPC during 2020 with the pandemic and shortages letting other players enter markets they may not have pursued prior. That said, memory was one of the more busy markets during late 2019 to 2020 and despite reports of an oversupply, prices have increased and stocks have dwindled since then. One of the brands that took advantage of their supply to sell closer to home is OCPC.

In this review, we’ll look at the OCPC X3treme DDR4 memory kit. Sold as single and dual-channel in both black and white shrouds, the OCPC X3 or X3treme kit is, as the name suggests, is the third iteration already of their carrier memory model. OCPC doesn’t really go hard on this model and presents it as it is: an RGB memory module aimed at providing gamers decent memory at competitive pricing.

Features and Specification

  • 16GB DUAL-CHANNEL KIT — Each kit includes two 8GB RAM sticks (16GB total) that tandem to deliver optimal speeds at full capacity on dual-channel motherboards
  • 3200MHz DDR4 OVERCLOCKING — Increase clocking speeds of your CPU with maximum overclocking of 3,200MHz (3GHz)
  • ASUS AURA SYNC RGB — Show off your individuality with customizable RGB LED lighting and sync your colors with motherboards, graphics cards, monitors and peripherals
  • ULTRA-LARGE HEAT SPREADER — Maximizes RAM performance by keeping things cool through a specially designed heat spreader

Official product list

Closer Look

Like most RAM kits, OCPC packages the X3treme modules in a full colored box with a hero shot of the product on the front alongside some marketing bullets for compatibility with numerous RGB syncing technology as well as Ryzen compatibility. Flipping the box over there is a window cutout to peek into the actual modules labels which denotes capacity, speed and the serial number. As the box front does not include the capacity and speed, its best to check the sticker label on the back to confirm the specs.

OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 Memory Modules

As pictured earlier, OCPC delivers the X3treme memory in 2 color variants: black and white. Our sample is the black variant which actually is a on the dark grey side. This is further adorned by a grey trim.

OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 heatspreader

The heatspreader is a thin piece of metal covering the entire length of the sticks and there’s no ornate pattern to speak of. An light diffuser bar is on top which breaks up the whole look but ultimately its a minimal design.

OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 Dual-Channel Memory 4-module full installation

Filling up the RAM slot on our dual-channel board we have a fairly good looking top. As the modules are not thick, they do look comfortably spaced-out and not densely packed like thicker modules although how that would look is ultimately personal preference.

OCPC X3treme DDR4 memory height

The memory are on the tall side, taller than G.Skill TridentZ by 3 or more millimeters. For people using dual tower coolers, you’ll need to be aware of this beforehand to avoid compatibility issues especially when filling up all your slots. Given though that these are RGB DIMMs, you’d want to show them off and dual towers with fans might just cover them up on most board layouts.

OCPC X3treme RGB lighting

And here are the memory when lit up. The colors are actually quite defined in the light bar and it does a good job not overpowering neighboring modules. That said, in real life, the lights are just right and not as bright as in the photo but still quite distinct even on a bright case. On a darker case, they really do pop.

Performance Testing

Test Setup

Intel Setup

Processor: Intel Core i7 10700K
Motherboard: ASUS ProArt Z490 Creator 10G
Memory: OCPC X3 (X3treme) DDR4-3200 Memory Kit
Storage: Patriot Viper VPN4100 1TB M.2
VGA: ZOTAC RTX 3080 Trinity
PSU: Seasonic Platinum 1050w


In 2021, our OC test systems cover both AMD and Intel but since these kits were tested a bit before the end of last year, we only have data for the Intel system. That said, we did a quick OC run to see what we can push on a lighter system. In our Z490 system, we managed to push the clocks to DDR4-3800 on C18-21-21-42. This is just a hair higher than what OCPC runs with on their X3treme DDR4-3600 C17 kits but if they did have a 3800 kit, they would probably run on this. Cranking voltage may induce better results but this is one of my criticism against the OCPC X3treme which I will touch on in our conclusion.

AIDA64 Memory Test

OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 and OC average AIDA64 Memory AIDA64 memory benchmark result
OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 and OC Cinebench R20 average AIDA64 memory benchmark latency

Cinebench R20

OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 and OC Cinebench R20 average benchmark results

Rainbow Six Siege

OCPC X3treme gaming performance (Rainbow Six Siege in 1080p)

Final Fantasy XV Benchmark

OCPC X3treme gaming performance (Final Fantasy XV in 4K)


OCPC X3treme Verdict

OCPC has been heavily relying on these memories for their RAM presence in the market and in today’s turbulent market with rocky prices, more competition is better. In regards to OCPC, their product is decent and performance puts up decent numbers, exceptional in some tests but these are within very small margins. Overclocking performance, as always, will have varied results but if your specific application benefits from it, teh $50 difference of going from 3200 to 3600 16GB kits may actually be worth taking the time in learning how to overclock your memory provided your motherboard does support it. Out of box, performance is decent overall and pushing it could give you a decent bonus as well. I could’ve find the thermal images I shot but I was concerned that the heatspreader’s simple design is just pulling heat away but not to the best possible way. Still, temps are largely negligible unless you have a very hot case or a have a downdraft cooler dumping massive heat on the board itself.

In the looks department, they’re ok but nothing spectacular without the lights. I intentionally limited the amount of RGB here to focus primarily on one thing and that’s the significance of choosing where you buy from versus which brand. For a brand like OCPC who is trying to make a name for themselves, a couple of years in the industry assures they’re trying to be decent and this product speaks for that. Given that, it’s hard to pick apart memories these days. Let’s admit it, all of them are pretty much the same thing, pardon the bad oversimplification.

List prices for the OCPC X3treme DDR4-3200 16GB kits usually run at Php4600+. Foreign pricing may be lower with Amazon listing it at around $89 a seller. For that price, it does come head to head with a lot of the current leaders in the RAM market. The ultimate deciding factor here would be looks, closely followed by the price. If it was priced significantly lower and you are really squeezing your budget, it may prove to be more appealing. Overall, OCPC’s X3treme DDR4 memory kit is a decent option especially if you can snag it on a better deal. Check with your local dealers how their overall listing to compare but if you just like the RGB, its definitely a looker.

OCPC backs the X3treme DDR4 memory with a limited lifetime warranty. I give it my B2G Recommended Award.

OCPC X3 DDR4-3200 Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review

Performance - 8.6
Build Quality - 8.8
Functionality - 8.8
Value - 8.6


Good Enough

OCPC's X3 DDR3 memory kit is a decent option especially if you can snag it on a better deal.

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