Kiss Quiet i-Bat FDB Fan Review

We occasionally get some items in for review here in B2G that not many people are familiar with. We really appreciate it when brands look to us in an effort to get noticed and today we have another company looking to hear our opinion on their product. Kiss Quiet, a Taiwan-based brand of PC components and accessories has sent us their I-Bat FDB fan for review and we’ll take a look at what the fan has to offer.


 Model KS-IBF-12HB
 Fan speed 1000~1200RPM
 Air Flow(CFM) 65.3/108.5
 Air Pressure(mm-H2O) 1.73
 Noise Level 15.7dBA
 Bearing Type HDB(Hydraulic Bearing)
 Connector 3pin+Molex 4pin
 Cable length  400mm
 Accessories Fan Screws, Rubber Pad for each corner
 Product Size 120 x 120 x 25mm
 Fan Shape KingKong fan frame + Bat’s wing shape Blades

Apparently, someone over at Kiss Quiet has a thing for iconic characters.

Closer Look

The Kiss Quiet I-Bat is packged in a bright box with the Kiss Quiet branding displayed on front. A circular see-through cut-out allows a peek into the fan blades inside with a large 2-year warranty seal on the side. Behind the box are multi-lingual summary of the fan’s feature. Truth be told it is not the best translation job in the world.

KissQuiet i-Bat FDB Fan Review

The I-Bat package is pretty straightforward: you get the fan and screws to get your started. Other than that, nothing. Heck, that’s all you need anyways.

The I-Bat fan’s plastic construction is solid enough to endure rough handling but the plastic quality feels rather cheap when held firmly as it creaks. The fan blade though is of a different quality and looks pretty clean. Its sturdiness is still rather flimsy but isn’t every fan out there that way also? The blades are as the name suggests, shaped like bat wings. The coloring though reminds us of the Adam West Batman suit color, albeit in a brighter bluish tint.

User Experience & Conclusion

KissQuiet i-Bat FDB Fan Review

While we did consider testing the Kiss Quiet i-Bat in our traditional fan testing setup, I think most if not all of our users are more concerned about quality rather than performance of the i-Bat. What we did was let it run in our test rig that usually hovers in the 50*C ambient temps during gaming sessions for a full month to complete what we can akin to an endurance test. Good news is the i-Bat managed to live throughout our high-temperature environment dumping out hot air out of the back of the case.

With a high-airflow rate, the Kiss Quiet i-Bat is definitely an exhaust type of fan and at this purpose, it does its job quite well. While it may pass as a light-SP fan, its better off adorning exhaust vents where its light blue hue matches the internal case lighting.

For $12.99, the Kiss Quiet i-Bat is priced just along the range of most if not all airflow-oriented fans from mainstream brands. If you’re a fan of underdogs you might consider trying out the Kiss Quiet i-Bat specially if it jives well with your theme. The Kiss Quiet i-Bat is backed by a 2 year warranty and can be purchased online via the Kiss Quiet website.


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