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Here’s Why ASUS ZenBook OLED Laptops is the Great Reward for Capping off 2020

ASUS Share 2020 is ongoing until December 31st of 2020. If you’re still on the fence if the ASUS ZenBook is the laptop for you, check out this list to give you that little push.

It’s only a few months now since we got into this global crisis but humanity isn’t one that backs down without a fight and we’re hoping the best this coming 2021. If you’re a working professional that works mostly with computers, you’ve been doing 2 things religiously throughout the months: first is disinfecting yourself and the other one is staring at a screen for hours on end. Now normally that wouldn’t be too bad, we do get the chance to walk away from the screen as leisure but in a work-from-home situation, it really tends to screw your entire workflow.

I admit I’ve been having tired eyes as of late as I do work extended hours with a computer and it’s not really helping having to timeout after a few hours. Recently though, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of new laptops including the ASUS Zenbook Flip S UX371 as well as the entire ZenBook 2020 line-up. You can check the video below if you want to find out more.

And right now the timing is just right as its the holiday season and if you’ve grown weary of the current situation, then maybe its time to reward yourself with a laptop upgrade. As I mentioned, ASUS is holding their Share 2020 promotion where buyers are entitled to up to Php27,000 worth of items. There’s an extensive list of participating products, check out more details here: ASUS Share 2020 promo mechanics Page.

Standalone though, the new ZenBook 2020 lineup offer an excellent feature set. As Intel Evo-certified laptops, they offer excellent responsiveness, impressive battery life and high-speed connectivity. Further extending that is ASUS’ choice of features to fully complete the ZenBook laptops.

Here’s a list of the top features of the ASUS ZenBook 2020 lineup:

4K HDR OLED Screen

OLED screens offer a brighter, crisper and more defined screen experience for you versus traditional laptops. While depending on your use case, traditional LCD technology is sufficient or is actually the only choice, for creatives, OLED screens provide a decent alternative and for entertainment purposes, its excellent as well.

If you’ve always wondered why your phone looks so much better than your computer or laptop’s screen, that’s because its most likely using OLED. Colors are more vibrant and clearer in OLED and the viewing angles is supremely excellent. The ASUS Zenbook Flip S feature a 4K HDR OLED display, providing sharper details when viewing 4K content as well as a more relaxing eye-experience when using the screen for prolonged periods.

Premium Design & Aesthetics

Its easy to dismiss laptops as the type of device “that all look alike” but generally, there’s a subtle difference between designing a traditional laptop and a compact notebook like the Zenbook. First off, the material quality of the ZenBook Flip S allows ASUS to form it in a way that keeps the edge lines sharp, visually (not blade-sharp). For someone that can appreciate this visual appeal, its certainly a cut above the rest and in most refined situations, particularly in classy or elegant settings, it’s definitely the laptop you’d want to bring out. That copper trim is excellent as well.

Ultraportable & Compact

If you’re like me and need to avoid the kids when working at home, you move from room to room and lugging around a large laptop isn’t gonna do your back and arms any favor. At a little over a kilogram, its extremely light. Being a convertible laptop as well, this serves it really well. Going from closed, laptop then to tablet is easy and you can do it without a thought as the laptop is that light.

Intel Evo certified

Intel’s new platform aimed at improvement laptop experiences. Unifying this experience builds around the responsiveness of the machine. Its all about usability and responsiveness, not particularly in terms of brute force specs and raw computing power but more on the focus of fast power on, faster integrated graphics with Intel Xe graphics and faster drive speeds with M.2 speeds. Thunderbolt 4 ports offers expansive options in terms of storage and other tools for those that need them as well. Battery life is also a priority for Intel Evo laptops so you don’t bogged down by plugging into an outlet.

ASUS SHARE 2020 Bonus

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a ZenBook or another ASUS products, make sure to check out their Share 2020 promote. Participating products are entitled to freebies worth up to Php27,490. Check out more details here. For the ASUS ZenBook 2020 line-up, buyers will receive a ZenScreen. Check-out our review of that here: ASUS ZenScreen MB16ACE.

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of what your use case is (aside from gaming, of course) the ASUS ZenBook 2020 line featuring some of the most refined and elegant ZenBooks to date. If any of the highlights fit your need, it just builds from there and everything I actually listed is a piece of the gestalt that is so much more than the individual aspects and ASUS has created a product that binds all of this together with ease.

Stay tuned for my full review of the ASUS ZenBook Flip S (UX371) next week.

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