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ASUS ROG Electro Punk Gaming Peripheral Set Review

Whether you’re into sci-fi or kpop, the ROG Electro Punk gaming peripheral set has a unique style currently unrivaled in today’s gaming space.

Comprising of more mature ROG Strix peripherals, the ROG Electro Punk is a much more distinctive set in both color and individual performance.

Is this the perfect peripheral theme for you, find out more in this #B2G round-up review.

ASUS has found a very successful recipe of mixing in culture with their products. Whether it be their motherboards, laptops or peripherals, ASUS and particularly their gaming brand ROG, has found its way into gamer lifestyle. With that being said, the ROG brand has pushed some very distinct products in the past and has been a cultural brand way before the mainstream renaissance of gaming. With many companies pushing for pastel and pink product color schemes, ROG has followed suit with their initial ROG PNK edition peripherals and earlier this year this collection is joined by another collection with the announcement of the ROG Electro Punk collection.

Sporting a hot pink color scheme, ROG’s Electro Punk lineup features a laptop and  a set of peripherals. In this review, we’ll be covering the peripheral set as a whole and some of these we’ve already looked at in the past so we’ll be re-reviewing those briefly but provide an updated opinion on the workflow and gaming experience when using the set combined.

In this review, we’ll run the four members of the ROG Electro Punk gaming set which includes the following:

  • ROG Strix Scope Electro Punk TKL Mechanical Keyboard
  • ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk Gaming Mouse
  • ROG Strix Go Electro Punk Wireless Headset
  • ROG Sheath Desk Mat

ROG Electro Punk

ASUS has an internal story video about Electro Punk and here’s a quick summary of that video:

“At the beginning we wanted to find a color that is eye-catching and we also wanted to try something different that is not the tradition flavor of males.

The neon pink is the color of vigor and strength. And it is often used in some dark scenes or similar materials to create a dystopian atmosphere in movies and games Also there was a lot of examples existed in sportswear industry.

To build a different attitude and flavor the balance and texture is the matter. That is to say the pink is a combination of functional highlights and self expression.”

–  Diane Chen, Industrial Designer – ROG Strix G

There’s really no deep reason for the color choices, not even a gender-fueled one. It’s mostly a thematic choice since it is true that hot pink is usually the lighting we see in futuristic sci-fi scenes and right now a lot of gamers are choosing to go with the teal-pink mix in their backgrounds as well.

Here in Back2Gaming, our brand color is #FF2654, a darker shade of hot pink and is closer to red. I chose this color as its actually much easier on the eyes than pure red, which is our earlier brand color during our earlier years. Black and red being an overdone colorway, I decided to go with the hot pink scheme. In the same vein, ROG seems to have veered from the black and red and have favored other colorways. ROG Electro Punk’s color hex value is #F7266B. I’m sharing this information to impart some background to the design process to give an idea that this is not just about getting girl gamers into mix fitting a theme, etc.

ROG Color Evolution

The images above should give you a background on how ASUS has dropped the black and red scheme 5 years ago to arrive to a more neutral scheme. This neutral scheme works for motherboards and to some extent laptops, but other things like headsets and keyboards need to stand out a bit. Enter Electro Punk.

Sneakerheads will be familiar with colorways and the Electro Punk is ASUS’s way into exploring colorways for their products. While the original PNK edition features different products, the ROG Electro Punk pushes that approach even further, including a laptop to the mix. That said, this article will briefly touch on what we have at hand and go over some details. In our conclusion, we’ll share our thoughts if this set is something you’d want to have or not. Read on!

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