ASUS ROG Electro Punk Gaming Peripheral Set Review

Click here for our original review of ROG Strix Scope but with the Electro Punk release, its my turn on this keyboard and I have to say I’m actually impressed. Let’s get this out of the way: we originally reviewed the ROG Strix Scope when it was released and it had an SRP of Php7500+. Today, the ROG Strix Scope Electro Punk comes in at only Php6900 SRP so prices have fairly come down which is good. Still, this is steep for a TKL keyboard but anything ROG has always been a bit on the premium side.


Still, its a more simplistic approach compared to the ROG Claymore, which was quite gimmicky although it was a functionally-sound keyboard. The ROG Strix Scope is more bare bones and while being an essentials-first mechanical keyboard, offers some expanded function set that isn’t readily available on most TKLs.

The ROG Strix Scope features a dual-purpose F5-F12 keys along with other keys that can be altered via holding the Fn key. This expands the regular key sets with media keys which allow the ROG Strix Scope to maintain its small and tight footprint.

Speaking of tight, ROG has decidedly kept this keyboard with a very minimal footprint and that means no extras on the sides and around the plate. This makes the Scope quite compact although I think design considerations could’ve been had for a volume wheel which is sorely lacking in this product.

Other than that the awkwardly larger left Ctrl key might be a bit unwieldy for working people as it cuts in the now smaller Windows key but its a small learning curve a little bit of usage time can get around of.

The ROG Strix Scope TKL can operate driverless and can be used using only the ASUS Armory Crate software for RGB configuration. Outside of that, everything is out-of-the-box and works with any device that supports USB keyboards.

For the Electro Punk version of the ROG Strix Scope, ASUS decided to not only dress up the keyboard in pink lighting (which RGB does fine anyway) but also include some new keycaps. The left and lower key banks are done in Electro Punk pink as well as the backspace key. Adding to that is the choice to do the same hot pink for the status lights.

Illumination is still in RGB but default lighting has been switched to Electro Punk pink just to keep it in theme.

All in all, its still the same ROG Strix Scope TKL that we know and the dash of hotpink really sets it off and as the central installment in the ROG Electro Punk peripheral set, it’s off to a good start. Funtionally, the keyboard is surprisingly easy to get into and if you’re unlike me who is an Excel nut and can’t live without the full offering of a standard layout keyboard, there’s a learning curve to a TKL but ASUS makes that transition easy with the Fn keys although you’ll need a separate Numpad still for number entry if that’s your thing. Overall though, the pink theme is what I’m after and this is definitely a good foundation for my desk.

ROG Strix Scope Electro Punk Official Product Page

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