ASUS ROG Electro Punk Gaming Peripheral Set Review

The second component of the Electro Punk set is the Strix Impact II. To be perfectly clear, the original Impact was not something I’d recommend. Three years ago, ASUS was still figuring out how to position their peripheral products and the original Impact was a confused mess. The new Impact II fixes a lot of that confusion and finds its place in entry-level esports glory as a simply, mid-range DPI mice whose light weight and overall design makes it an easy, portable option for serious gamers.

The ROG Strix Impact II features a faux ambidextrous design and light body which may lend itself nicely to FPS gamers. There are no special buttons as well so everything is just out-of-box. The only special button of sorts here is the DPI switcher located at the bottom of the mouse.


The Impact II has 4 levels of preset DPI maxing out at 6400. Now that may sound low for some folks but a lot of gamers never really go past 4000 DPI and even 4K gamers may not feel the need to drive their tracking higher than 4000. At the end of the day though, this might prove a limitation so if you’re twitch shooter on steroids and capable of stopping at a dime, the PAW3327 sensor on this mouse might prove lacking.

Still, performance is decent and I hold this mouse with higher regards versus its free laptop mouse ancestor, the original Impact. There’s no more tight angles on this mouse which was one of my problems with the Impact, with the Impact II favoring smooth curves. Speaking of smooth curves, the finish is smooth on the topside of the Impact II with shallow grooves on the side for improved grip. ROG uses a smoked black translucent material for the Impact II.

Going over the Electro Punk touches on the Impact II, there’s really already a few spots they can make changes to. First off the scroll wheel and buttons have been done in hot pink and the bottom DPI switcher. To compliment this, stock lighting is also done in pink but of course you can change that thru Aura Sync.

Overall, this is an easy call. Priced at Php2,200, this is a great entry-level mice and competes well with my G203 and G303 as my go-to starter mice.

The Electro Punk touch makes it match but really doesn’t make it stand out so paired with the ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk, the Impact II Electro Punk gives only subtle hints. Whether it’s intentional or not, this allows flexibility for the mouse itself to blend with any desktop or laptop but makes it a second-class citizen in this pairing. If you like the theme to be subtle, this works but for people who like that pink to pop, this is lacking. They could’ve done the click buttons in hot pink to really stand out. This is offset though by RGB lighting.

ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk Official Product Page

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