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Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

Price / Where to Buy

US – Approx. $59.99 – Cougar Revenger

Off the string of new products from Cougar straight outta Computex 2016 we now have one of their new products together in the labs with the update to their mainstream gaming mouse, the Revenger based off the M500 series and a neat little accessory in the Cougar Bunker. In this review we’ll take a look at the Cougar Revenger, this update on the highly-acclaimed Cougar 5xxM series now comes souped up with a 12000DPI PMW 3360 sensor and RGB lighting as well as a subtly refined surface treatment.


To discuss more about the lineage of the Cougar Revenger, you can refer to our Cougar M500 review. The Cougar M5xx series features a highly familiar design ergonomic design making it a really effective product line up in terms of both adoption and performance. Today, that lineup levels up with the Revenger and while Cougar may still retain the old naming scheme, the Revenger will sit as a member of this family clearly from its design. The Revenger features the same ergonomic design as well as its most notable trigger-type DPI switch and notched mouse wheel design. The Revenger also features smooth RGB lighting and while the LEDs which we’ll talk about more in the review. Read on to find out more about the Cougar Revenger gaming mouse!

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

Features & Specifications

  • Multi-color backlight system (2 zone RGB)
  • OMRON Micro switches. With Guaranteed minimum of 5 million clicks, this gaming mouse is going to serve you well for a Long time.
  • Gaming-Grade scroll wheel, a powerful Vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all times
  • Ultra-lightweight suspended leather like headband design
  • Its raised rubber arm is highly flexible, increasing its durability
Product name COUGAR Revenger Gaming Mouse
Sensor PixArt PMW3360 Optical gaming sensor
Resolution 100-12000 DPI
Game type FPS / MMORPG / MOBA / RTS
Polling rate 1000Hz / 1ms
On-board memory 512KB
Software COUGAR UIX™ System
Programmable buttons 6
Switching OMRON gaming switches
Profile LED backlight 2 ZONE 16.8 million colors
Maximum tracking speed 250 IPS
Maximum acceleration 50 G
Interface Golden-plated USB plug
Cable Length 1.8m
Dimension 135(L) X 70(W) X 45(H) mm
5.31(L) X 2.76(W) X 1.77(H) Inch
Weight 110g (0.24 lb)

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Closer Look

Cougar retains their old-style packaging of a black box with full-colored print. In this new wave of releases there’s a notable cleaner look and the focus on RGB is clear in the packaging with the Revenger showing of its capability in full in the glamor shot. The back of the box highlights some of the features of the mice and opening of up the front flap we get a peek of the new Revenger mouse and its dark gunmetal finish in full glory.

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

Inside the package is a humble bundle of the mouse and a sticker sheet and a manual.

The Cougar Revenger uses the same design and is basically a retool of the Cougar M500, using the same mold and chassis. A top-view shows us a very familiar design and if you’re like me that have been with a lot of mice before, this certainly follows the DeathAdder mold which was similarly used by the likes of the FinalMouse. Due to the success of this design, its totally not surprising that something like the Cougar 500M and its lineage up to the Revenger would adopt it. The Cougar Revenger though does make its own adjustments. First off, its slimmer and almost will always be mistaken for an ambidextrous mouse due to its shape but there is a slight difference in shape in both left and right sides because of its ergonomic design. Another distinction is Cougar’s preference of placing their wire in one side rather than the center. The most distinct difference here is the DPI trigger which we’ll discuss more on later. There’s not much to discuss about the base as everything is as expected here. There’s no weight adjustment option so the base is purely just the sensor and teflon feet.

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

Here’s a side by side show of the Cougar Revenger and its M500 father. Notice that the M500 had a printed logo rather than an illuminated one and its finish is a black semi-gloss surface versus the dark gunmetal semi-gloss of the Revenger.

From the side we can see the textured side grips of the Cougar Revenger. The Cougar Revenger now features rubber grips on the side versus molded ones from its predecessors, this improves side grip and adds a bit of a premium feel and look to the Revenger. The thumb rest features the two extra side buttons which are customizable for extra functions.

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar for some reason though did away with braided cables and while the argument between braided, sleeved or rubber cables are subjective, the ones in the Cougar Revenger isn’t so bad and its worth noting that Sennheiser also uses rubber cables even in their high-end headsets albeit non-kink ones which the Revenger cable isn’t.

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

LED Lighting

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

Here’s a sample of the LED base and logo lighting of the Cougar Revenger.

Cougar UIX System

Not much has changed in the Cougar UIX software system and it still features a familiar and esay to navigate interface which provides us access to customizing the performance, key bindings and lighting on our Cougar peripherals. It also has built-in macro editor and allows control of multiple Cougar peripherals at once.

The Cougar Revenger supports independent lighting settings for its DPI indicator and logo/base lighting.

User Experience & Conclusion

Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review
Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse Review

We keep on mentioning the Cougar M500 in this article and a good reason for that is because its effectively one of my favorite competitive mouse, while I may still use my lighter mouse for actual competitions, the Cougar M500 has found its way in my daily routine and gaming that I find it hard to adjust to another design quickly like I do on others because of the uniqueness of the DPI trigger. That said, the Revenger brings a welcome change to the traditional appeal of the Cougar M5xx series.

The Revenger features familiar fit because of the design but due to the slimmer width of the Cougar Revenger, it feels a bit awkward in my hand as it weirdly wants to angle a bit inwards in my grip (I’m a fingertip-grip person.) Performance-wise, the Cougar Revenger is sharp and precise and using it on both a cloth and hard surface both yield excellent tracking. The Revenger sensor seems to go better with hard surfaces but cloth still do fine and will completely be up to the user how to tweak it to their feel.

Cougar Revenger

Comfort-wise though, the rubber side grips are a great improvement and allow a more secure feel to the side grips. The shape, as mentioned, forces you to palm the Revenger as with its brothers, as the bulge below the thumb will force the mice to tilt inwards when fingertip-gripping or clawing the mouse. This isn’t a bad thing but if you’re coming off flatter mice or smaller ones, it does take some getting used to.

Price / Where to Buy

US – Approx. $59.99 – Cougar Revenger

The beauty of Cougar gaming mice has always been in their price and in the case of the Cougar Revenger, $60 puts in a position where it competes heavily with the mainstream champions of gaming mice. While there’s a plethora of selection out there, for those that are particularly eyeing this mouse can rest assured its performance, quality and feature set is enough to set you up for intense competition or just plain old fun. Its comfortable for every day use and its good addition to a really stylish gaming desk.

Cougar backs the Revenger with a 1-year warranty and we give it our B2G Silver Award!


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