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Genius NX-7015 Optical Wireless Mouse Review

Price/Where to Buy:

PH: 470 – Genius NX-7015 on Lazada
US: $10.99  – Genius NX-7015 on Amazon


While we’re used to seeing a ton of high-end gaming mouse here in the labs, there’s also a lot going on in the mainstream and more consumer-friendly market. One of the brands that are highly active in this space is Genius which is well-known for their extensive port-folio of peripherals and today we’ll take a look at one of their new products which we saw prior to release last year during Computex. In the labs right now is the Genius NX-7015 wireless mouse designed for users that want a convenient and wireless mouse. Read on to find out more!


  • Stylish slim hairline design with soft touch materials
  • Single Pico Receiver to unify Multiple Genius device support which start with NX 7000 series
  • Soft Rubber Metallic Scroll Wheel zoom in/ out
  • High Performance and with precision of up to 1601 DPI by Smart Genius App adjustment

Official product page

Closer Look

The Genius NX-7015 is packaged in a plastic shell with the mouse molded in the middle along with the USB received. Simple bullets are noted in the bottom while at the back we have multi-language specifications.

Genius NX-7015 Optical Wireless Mouse Review

Taking the NX-7015 mouse out of the package, we have a couple of inserts but the key inclusions is the mouse and the USB receiver.

The NX-7015 features multiple color variations. Our sample is the chocolate brown version and there other various color designs available to match your notebook or desk. The mouse is as basic as it gets in terms of design with no extra buttons present in the sides.

From the top we can see the metallic design that go from the front to the rear of the mouse where it meets the glossy end of the mouse. Underneath the NX-7015 is a battery compartment, a USB slot for the receiver when not in use, the on/off switch and the sensor. Small teflon feet help in improving glide over surfaces.

User Experience & Conclusion

Genius NX-7015 Optical Wireless Mouse Review

The size and wireless characteristic of the Genius NX-7015 is indicative of its orientation towards mainstream users particularly those who like a stylish mouse for use with their laptops or simplistic desk layouts. Due to this, the mouse is used more for general use rather than precision pointing. Still, we’ve used it on most resolutions we work with daily and it has been a joy using the NX-7015. Performance-wise, there’s nothing more to ask for if you’re mostly doing browsing or office work with the mouse and its ability to work on many surface including soft cloth and smooth glass make it an ideal travel partner so you can work anywhere.

While the small size may look misleading, the mouse is quite comfortable and its ergonomic shape means both left- and right-handed users can enjoy the benefit of this mouse. Its convenient size and shape makes it quite portable allowing you to slip it in a small pouch or compartment in your laptop bag.

Price/Where to Buy:

PH: 470 – Genius NX-7015 on Amazon
US: $10.99 – Genius NX-7015 on Lazada

All in all, the Genius NX-7015 wireless optical mouse is a great product and what makes it more excellent is its price of only $10 making it quite unbeatable thanks to the quality that Genius creates its product with. There’s really no going around the fact that this beats any no-name wireless mouse out there and simply put, its the best choice for its class right now: great performance, good wireless, great efficiency and excellent price.

Genius backs the NX-7015 with a 1-year warranty. We give it out B2G Best Value Award!

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