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RAKK Kali Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

RAKK has been continuously improving since its inception in 2015. RAKK’s product offerings such as cases, mice and keyboards appeal to the masses because of their value for the money. The success of its flagship mechanical keyboard, the Kimat XT.2 proved that RAKK values customer feedback as it received high praises from its customers. Today, Rakk stepped up their game with the release of its Wireless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. Read more in this #B2GReview

RAKK Kali Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review


Overall impressions of the OLD RAKK Logo(the guy with a headset) were pretty negative. The users felt that it wasn’t gamer-y enough for their taste. Some of which, deferred their purchase because of the unappealing logo even though their lineup is one of the best for the budget. RAKK responded with a new logo alongside a release of a wave of products ranging from mechanical keyboards, fans and gaming chairs.

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The Triple “H” logo that’s formed triangularly has a history to it. The “H” is actually Baybayin for letter “K.” Hence, the 3 H for KKK. As a quick Filipino history implies, it is the symbol for Katipunan. RAKK gives its own definition for KKK as “Kalidad. Kisig. Kasarinlan” meaning Quality, Elegance and Independence.



The RAKK Kali uses Khail’s new ML switch that allows the keyboard to have a small form factor. The new ML switches come in Brown, White and Red switches. The brown and red switches are counterparts of their full size brothers while the white switch has the feel of a khail blue switch.


RAKK Kali Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

The packaging has a minimalistic design with no label or specs printed out and only a printout of the keyboard spanning across the whole box diagonally.

You are greeted with plastic cover protecting the keyboard upon opening. Behind the keyboard is a user manual and a micro-usb cable.

The keyboard has a 60% layout, meaning it only covers the alphanumeric area of a standard keyboard without the Function keys and numpad. The back of the keyboard has four rubber feet on each corner. There are no flip stands to elevate the keyboard for a more ergonomic typing experience. The power switch is located at the center-right.

The keyboard has a slim profile with a dimension of 239mmx103mmx17mm(LxWxH). This gives the keyboard portability with the convenience of being able to fit in most bags with ease.

The keycaps of the kali are similar to that of chiclet keycaps featuring scissor switches. The keyboard uses Khail’s Red ML Switch that provides a linear feedback when pressed.

The Rakk Kali feature per key individual RGB lighting as well as a side strip lighting that spans across the keyboard. The key RGB lighting and the strip lighting are controlled individually by pressing FN + TAB and FN + ~ respectively.


Connecting the Rakk Kali via bluetooth requires a bluetooth. You must first enter the keyboard into wireless mode by holding FN + ESC until the escape key blinks indicating that its ready for wireless mode. The keyboard was able to successfully pair with a OnePlus 5T and a windows PC. The keyboard lets you save up to 3 connections via FN + ALT + Q/E/R for instant connectivity



RAKK Kali Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Let’s break it down:


Performance. The new low profile switch presents a very similar feel to that of a full sized red switch with the kali offering a lower actuation point. Its slim profile gives it the advantage in terms of portability as it can fit almost every 13.3″, 15.6″ or 17″ laptop backpacks with ease.

Build Quality.  The keyboard is sturdy despite its slim size and plastic housing. Its keycaps are UV Coated and is of good quality for a low profile keycap. According to Rakk, aftermarket keycaps for the Kali will be available soon denoting that Rakk will use the low profile switch in their future mechanical keyboards.

Functionality. Its dual connection lets you switch on the fly if you have 2 different systems running side by side but the delay in the connection will give you idle times especially if you haven’t memorize the keystrokes. The 400mAh battery is a bit of a dismay as the keyboard lighting is compromised in order to achieve a longer battery life.

Bundle. Content wise, RAKK has a premium feel in its packaging similar to that of Razer. There are no extra accessories apart from the detachable 1.2m micro usb cable. It would have been nice to see an included dongle in the package.

Value.  The Rakk Kali is priced at an SRP of Php 2,995 which is just Php 1,000 less than an Anne Pro, a very notable wireless mechanical keyboard. Its very competitive for its price but what you’re really buying here is the portability of a mechanical keyboard and its wireless connectivity as its RGB lighting is only available via the micro usb cable.

Rakk backs the Kali with a 1 year outright replacement warranty. We give it our B2G Bronze Award!


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  1. Chester Webon Chanco

    June 13, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Can I pair this with my Macbook Pro?

  2. Jose Cervatos

    June 13, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    Zyrus Cervatos

  3. Alekxys

    November 26, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    Hi, can I use this using wired connection or just bluetooth only?

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