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ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse Review

A gaming mouse is a type of peripheral that mostly relies on user choice due to factors such as ergonomics, as a user is more likely to do more strenuous mouse movements than keystrokes. With that, brands develop gaming mice that are either ergonomic or ambidextrous. What we have here from ASUS is a mouse which is famous for its ergonomics, design, and build quality. Take a look at the ROG Gladius II and what makes this mouse gamer’s dream in this #B2GReview

ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse Review


ASUS ROG for the past few years has been nothing but focused on improving their products. From entry level gaming line, Cerberus, comes the Cerberus II that offers more value for the money. And from the Strix mid-tier gaming line to ROG Strix as it closses the gap between their mid and high end products. But the ROG gaming line deserved some pampering as ASUS improved their best ergonomic mouse – enter the Gladius II.

Unboxing and First Impressions

ASUS went away with the Black and Red colorscheme on its packaging as seen on the previous Gladius. The packaging now features a minimalistic brushed gun metal design with a full sized picture of the mouse(yes, we measured it) with RGB lighting highlighted. At the back is the flat the product’s feature highlights.

There are two micro USB cables included, one of which is braided. ASUS also included extra mouse feet and a pouch. A product manual and warranty guide is also included. There is a pair of omron switches that has a different actuation compared to the stock ones already installed on the mouse.

The Gladius II sports a matte black finish similar to the Strix Claw Dark Edition. The logo and the scroll wheel have RGB lighting which can be controlled via Aura Sync or the ASUS Armoury II software.

The Gladius II has 3 side buttons, 1 button more than the standard. The 3rd button is slightly curved where the tip of your thumb should be resting. This makes the button easy to trigger in intense gaming situations but makes it easy to misclick especially when you’re lifting the mouse. The both sides are covered in rubber for a firm grip. The rubber grips are textured and have a spaceship line motif.

The Gladius II sports an ergonomic body with the right part slightly elevated for a natural resting position for your hand. The lower left part is slightly extended to provide a space for the ring finer and pinky to rest on.


The Armoury II software is used to take full advantage of the Gladius II’s features. The software lets you save up to 3 profiles and it can be quickly switched by their respective Mouse 4 + Side button hotkey. The 9 mouse buttons can be remapped to do mouse, keyboard, media or macro functions.

Each profile lets you save up to two DPIs which can be used with either the DPI change button or the shift button. The latter only changes your DPI for as long as you are pressing the assigned button. Angle Snapping deals how the mouse pointer is supposed to move per pixel. The Polling Rate slider lets you select between 4 rates: 125hz, 250hz 500hz and 1000hz. Acceleration / Deceleration lets the software Accelerate / Decelerate the mouse depending on how fast/slow you move it around. Button response is used for setting the minimum delay before another click registers.

Macro recording lets you record mouse clicks with their corresponding delays in actuation. After recording, the user can change the millisecond delay of clicks.

The Lighting tab lets you set up its lighting profile as well as syncing different areas of the mouse.


ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse Review

The Gladius II Gaming Mouse is definitely a comfort to use. It’s feel is similar to the Razer Deathadder with a smaller footprint and a more natural ergonomic feel. It helps the gamer last longer in gaming sessions without having the need to stretch the hand from stress. It’s also more comfortable to do flick shots in CS:GO as well as dragging down the mouse for recoil control. The rubber grips however, has a slimy feel when you rest your fingers long enough. The glossiness of the separated thumb button presents the same problem. Gamers with sweaty hands would have an uncomfortable experience. This issue is compensated by how the buttons have a satisfying click especially the side buttons where most side buttons have a mushy feeling.

The software on the other hand, brings out the mouse’s full potential with different settings to toy from. Although it brings a new experience altogether, its a turn off that the settings adjustment are all set a fixed points instead of 1:1 or variable. The ability to save up to 3 profiles on its onboard memory and its quick switch features is a gamer’s delight. You could easily toggle between profiles that would match your game of choice. Moreover its lighting profile and macros are also carried out giving the user full creative control with the mouse.

For an SRP of Php 4,499, it definitely has a premium price tag giving this mouse a hard pass for some gamers despite its functionality. But for its price, you’ll be getting a mouse with solid build quality, software control and aura sync for your other ASUS devices. With that said, we give the ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse our Silver Award!


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