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Tesoro Lobera Supreme Mechanical Keyboard (G5NFL) Review

Tesoro Lobera Supreme G5NFL Full-Color Illumination Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Competitive gaming has never seen such hotter times as what it is enjoying right now, and that thirst excellence is what drives many a gamer to pursue only the most specialized of equipments. This is never more true than in the highly competitive PC gaming scene where gamers have a multitude of options for their gaming needs. From the components right down to the keyboard, there is a ton of companies vying to be the gamer’s choice. In this series of review, we’ll be having a slew of gaming peripherals from different brands and we’ll see how each stack up.

Latest: Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

For this review, we start off with the new flagship from Tesoro: the GF5NL Lobera Supreme. Cherry Corporation and Corsair basically summed-up your choices of RGB keys to Corsair products. Armed with RGB Kailh keys, we get down and dirty with the Lobera Supreme and our first dive in Tesoro Tec’s product line-up. Be warned, this review contains a lot of images!



Tesoro Technology USA Inc, is a company that is made up of PC gaming enthusiasts with the objective of designing unique products specially catered to the gamers. They’re goal is to create PC gaming products with designs that increases and enhances the performance of PC gamers. If you haven’t heard about TESORO, they are actually a relatively young company that was established in 2011 that aims to strive for the best and continuously evaluate their performance against the very best of the best. Well the phrase “best of the best” will definitely vary on each individuals opinion. In my opinion, TESORO is actually making a good name in terms of PC peripherals for themselves in the world market. To prove that, TESORO got a sponsorship agreement with Infused, UK’s top and one of the world top eSport organizations.

Tesoro could not exist without the gaming community who inspire us to excel in the design and production of our award winning gear. As a gamers company, we will continues to expand into new horizons and push the limits further with each product unveiling. -TESORO

Lobera: “wolfslayer” is the sword which symbolized power used by Saint Ferdinand III. It has become one of the most famous swords in the history.

Combat design with full colors illumination effect makes LOBERA even powerful and energetic. Full USB N-Key rollpver function provides no limit simultaneous key presses under its USB connection. Mechanical key design creates solid tactile feel and rapid response for extreme gamers. High speed USB 2.0 hub with audio jacks offers easy connection for user’s favourite portable peripherals. 5 profiles, up to 300 macro keys can be defined by the user. Tesoro LOBERA is the ultimate choice for gamers.


  • Switchable USB 6 N-Key / Full N-Key Rollover.
  • Mechanical keycap.
  • Gaming grade 10 million key actuations.
  • Instant 5 profiles shift keys.
  • 3 thumb keys for instant macro launch
  • One touch / Game mode button for fast switching.
  • One touch / instant record button for macro live.
  • 4 levels full color illumination / dimming.
  • User friendly UI for easy function setup
  • Full keys programmable.
  • 5 profiles.
  • 300 macro keys.
  • 2000 macro key presses per profile available.
  • CDC-IN jack (5V 2.5A) for additional power supply (not included).
  • Anti-slip design rubberized bottom stand.
  • Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.


  • Switch type: Mechanical key switch
  • Switch mount: Silver alloy
  • Responsiveness: 2mm (4mm to bottom)
  • Cable length: 1.8m (braided & shielded)
  • Laser etched keycaps + UV coating
  • Audio & Microphone Jack
  • DC-IN Jack (5V,2.5A) (+ / -)
  • USB 2.0 Hub * 2
  • Media function buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultra-Polling Rate

Key Switch Information:

  • Switch Type:Red/Blue/Black/Brown
  • Operation Force:50g +/- 10g
  • Pretravel:2.0mm +/- 0.6mm
  • Total Travel:4.0mm


1. I’m using windows 8.1, is it compatible?

  • Yes. Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit was the OS used for this review.


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  1. What is the availability for this keyboard. After much searching I cannot find a retailer with them or able to get one, also their website does not have the option to buy direct.

    1. What region are you from? Yes, availability is quite the limiting factor for Tesoro’s port folio and shops that carry them are far between. Good point though that they should have a virtual storefront for interested people.

      1. I live in Saskatchewan Canada. I thought since they are an american based company it would not be overly difficult for some for of shipment to Canada.

        1. Speaking from a purely personal perspective, I think its just marketing that they claim they are US-based, seeing as all our concurrence with them have been from Taiwan.

          Newegg and Amazon both stock Tesoro products, as for this specific keyboard (Lobera, Lobera Supreme) I don’t think it’s hit any outlet yet as we’re the only one with a review currently out (as far as I know).

          I’ll relay your concerns to Tesoro in hopes of getting some info.

          1. That would be very much appreciated, they have the keyboard on but not I have a friend who is willing to let me ship it there and then mail it to me from the states if I cannot find another option.

            1. Yeah, tried checking earlier and seems to me that only the newegg USA carries them. Must be a territorial thing. As of this moment, Tesoro is also scouting distributors here in the APAC region so that’s one of the limiting factor in their market expansion and it seems that goes for the western part of the globe.

              I’ll work my contact and see if we can get answers.

                1. Already sent your concern to Tesoro. Chinese New Year is still in the air over there but will relay you their reply once it comes through or they’ll respond here directly.

                2. Hi Goforth

                  I’ve forwarded your concern to Tesoro and they’ve responded to me. They have forwarded your concern to Tesoro US. I’ll get back to you once I receive a reply from them.

                3. Hi Goforth,

                  I have forwarded your concern to Tesoro and they’ve forwarded it to their Tesoro US part. I will get back to you once they’ve responded to me again.

  2. Its been a while with not contact so I thought I would check and see if tesoro us had abything to say. I do appreciate all the time you guys put in to help me.

    1. I just found a way to get it. Mailing it to an american buddy who is the bringing it up to canada. Thanks again though

      1. Yeah, they’ve been pretty quiet. Glad to know you’re still pushing through in getting one. We’ve also had questions for their other products’ availability so know that you’re not alone.

  3. Hi Goforth,
    Tesoro Lobera is now available in many shops, and we have opened new shop here: – good luck!

    If any problem, feel free to contact our support to direct you to the shop nearest you.

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