SteelSeries Siberia V2 Limited Edition: Heat Orange


Steelseries is a professional gaming equipment manufacturer that has produced a lot of very good peripherals that is being used by championship caliber teams all over the world, like Fnatic and Natus Vincere. Steelseries are also the makers of the award winning Siberia Gaming Headsets. We’ve seen many of these babies in the past and this time, we’ll be focusing our attention on the Siberia V2 Heat Orange Edition.


  • USB Version: 2.0
  • USB Material: Gold-plated
  • Audio Channels : Stereo
  • Frequency 18-28,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 0hm SPL @ 1 kHz, 1V rms: 112dB
  • Cable Length: 1,0 +2,0 = 3m
  • Jack: USB


  • Frequency: 5-16,000Hz
  • Pick-Up Pattern: Uni-Directional
  • Sensitity: -38dB

Closer Look:

Up front, the Siberia V2 Heat Orange features its Picture and the Steelseries logo.

At the back, you can find the specs of the unit and and its special features.The right side of the box shows the retractable microphone.

After you flip the front, the product is displayed therough the see-though material and at left is a close-up view of the gorgeous Heat Orange LED for the left side.

The package contains the Steelseries Siberia V2 Heat Orange unit, and a female-to-female USB Cord.

Like its predecessors, the Siberia V2 has 2 arching bands that are placed at the top of a flexible headband.

The headset also features Orange LED lights at both sides. The microphone is placed at the left side. It is retractable and very flexible.

The Siberia V2 HO uses rubberized cables and has a remote for the microphone and volume control.

Since the Siberia V2 HO does not come with CD Installers, you can download the Steelseries Engine at Steelseries’ website for you to have access to its full potential.

steelseries engine

You can set profiles to be used for gaming or entertainment. Another nice feature is that you can set the desired profile to be automatically used depending on the applications that are currently active.


Great for people who like to play games or watch VODs while waiting for solo queue to finish finding a match.

While using the Steelseries Siberia V2 HO, one of the things that stood out the most was how comfortable this headset is. The cushion provide by the memory foam wrapped in leather dopes not irritate the ears amd does a very good job of eliminating outside noise.

The other great thing about this headset is that is is very light compared to other gaming headsets.

For testing, I used the Ultimate Headphone Test from The test is compsed of Frequency Response, Dynamic Range, Quality,  Wiring and Binuaral Test.

frquency response

Frequency Response measured the Siberia’s bass extension. I could not hear 10Hz but heard 20Hz until 200Hz quite clearly. Next was the Treble extension. I started to hear the high-pitched sweep noise at 19Khz with the Siberia.

dynamic range

Next test was the Dynamic Range test, which helps us test the isolation of your headset in a noisy environment. The Siberia was set to its balanced settings using the Steelseries engine and testing was made inside a quiet room. The result was that I could hear the voice until 36 dBfs (Decible below full scale).


The Quality test was a bass shaker that scans the bass frequencies of the headset. The Siberia exuded no parasitic rattling and the sweeping tone remained pure.   Up next was the Driver Matching test. The sweeping tone never wavered and was playing right at the center. When I swittched the headset (left in right ear and right in left ear), the sweeping tone was playing at the dges and never reached the center.


The Wiring test measured if the headset was properply. When the left tone was played, the Siberia only played the tone on the left earcup. Same with the right side, when the right tone was pressed, it only came form the right earcup. For polarity, playing the Center tone, the audio was played in the center, but the twisted tone was not that random and I can easity pinpoint where the audio was playing from.


Last was the Binaural Test. This test gives out two different audios of someone knocking on the door On both left and right sides. I felt that the knocking on both sides felt very realistic and has great quality.

Steelseries’ Siberia Headsets are always known for its great sound quality and comfort, and the Siberia V2 Heat Orange is no exception. You can use the Siberia for long periods of time and it will still be so comfortable that you would want to game more. The leather ear pads gives you just the right amount of space for your ears not to be irritated and actually gets better the longer you use it and the headband makes it so that the Siberia fits snugly on your head.

This setup lets you fully experience the crystal clear sound provided by its 50mm drivers, whether it be low, mid-range, or high range tones, built in sound card, and its 7.1 virtual surround sound that makes you feel immersed in the game. Having a great software also adds to the experience, in that you can customize your settings for everything that you can possibly need. 

The Siberia V2 is very lightweight and the build quality is top notch and the design is also one of its strong points. The Heat Orange LED display gives off #SWAG that not many pair of cans can provide when you take it to the streets. It really goes well with the all-black frame of the headset.

My only issue with the design is the two overarching band found on top of the headset. For some people, it kinda drags down the look of the headset and feel the Siberia would be better without it, I mean seriously. Just look at the Siberia Elite. Damn son!. Isolation on the headset offers on both voice and audio. Let’s start with the microphone. Not only is it very flexible, it is also retractable, meaning it does not interfere with the look of the headset when you don’t use it. Its noise reduction  really does a great job of canceling out the noisy environment when trying to communicate with it. The Siberia does a great job of keeping all the noise out, to the point where i could not hear the phone ringing even though its just a couple of feet away from me.

All in all, the Steel Series Siberia V2 Heat Orange is lives up to the Siberia name, dishing out great quality and giving you a performance worth its PHP 5,800.00 price tag. Highly Recommended!

BossMac’s Feels:

Did we mention you can use the Sibervia V2 Heat Orange in your smartphone? YES YOU CAN. If that last picture was any hint, you should’ve noticed already so here’s a better shot.

Using an OTG cable (not included) you can hook up the Siberia V2 to your microUSB port and use it like any other headset. Plus you get the glowing effect. What you say, bright green Kraken wearers?



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